Sign Up For My First Online Interior Design Course

Sign Up For My First Online Interior Design Course

I’m back! It’s the first of the month (the alternative New Year’s Day for many of us) and I have some exciting news to share: over the last few months I have been working with Create Academy to put together my first ever online course which launches at the end of the month (Wednesday 29 September) but you can pre-order it now with a 15 per cent discount on the £127 price.

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The course is five hours long broken down into 25 lessons each lasting between 10 and 15 minutes which you can watch at your own pace (on any device – so if you’re about to start the commute again then you can watch on your phone). Subjects include finding your own style, where to look for inspiration, how to use Pinterest and social media as well as planning spaces, developing a cohesive colour scheme, getting the lighting right and, topically, creating spaces to work from home and loads more – honestly we’ve packed it all in – while we were filming (mostly in my house but also on location) we realised that one of the most overlooked aspects of your house is the doors. I have folding, sliding, double, hidden, pocket and barn in my own house alone so we included a lesson on how a door can make a real difference to a room from the way it’s hung so you see the view when you come in to ways to save space both in the room itself or on the hall or landing outside.

image by Sarah Weal

In addition to the lessons, the package also includes a series of downloadable workbooks so that you can keep track of what you are learning and a set of pinterest boards to illustrate some of the points made throughout the course along with helpful resources for room layouts, spatial planning, image gathering and sourcing.

In the ten years since and I launched this blog and the three books that accompany it, I have been asked thousands of questions about interior design and I’m aware that the search engine on this blog isn’t always the best way to find old content. When Create Academy, who have made several other courses in cooking and gardening as well as interior design, approached me I felt this would be the perfect next step.

image by Sarah Weal

Create Academy was founded by Will Daunt, Julian Parmiter and Josh Lee, all of whom have extensive experience in broadcast media, journalism, tv production, film-making and photography. The first person Julian ever clipped a microphone too was Madonna (he said he completely went to pieces as he had to fix it to her top!) while Josh has worked with both Bear Grylls and Prince Harry and Will has produced films for the BBC and internationally.

So I felt I was in good hands when it came to making an online course as they helped me put it all together and edited it beautifully (as I hope you will agree). We shot mostly in my house as that provides good illustrations of working with what you have got when it comes to interior design but we were also able to film on location at the beautiful Liberty London, Anthropologie and the Artists Residence Hotel in Pimlico – regular readers will know I love a hotel for interior inspiration and room planning and it was wonderful to be able to actually talk you through that rather than just showing you still photographs or writing about it.



And that, for me, is the key to this course. I have written thousands of words in books, and uploaded hundreds of photographs to these pages but to be able to point and talk to you on film to illustrate the points I want to make is, I think, taking the advice and tips to the next level. I hope you will agree. Below is a tiny one minute trailer for you to see and I hope you will join me on this course because it really is the last ten years of books and blog brought to life.

You can pre-order here.

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