Accessories For Your Wooden Floors

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Wooden floors need installation systems and materials finishing profiles and maintenance products to achieve that perfect, elegant appearance.

1) The Various Installation Systems For Wooden Floors

·      Tongue and groove - One side and one end of the plank have a groove, the other side and end have a tongue.

·      "Click" or Woodloc systems: A "click" floor is similar to tongue-and-groove, but instead of fitting directly into the groove, the board must be angled

·      Floor connection system: There are a wide range of connection systems, as most of them are mill-specific manufacturing techniques.

·      Wood flooring can also be installed utilizing the glue-down method.

·      Floating installation: A floating installation is where the flooring is laid down in a glueless manner ontop of a layer of underlay.

2)The Procedures Used To Prepare Wooden Floor


  • Finishing - The two most popular modern finishes for wood flooring are oil-modified urethane and water-based polyurethane. Floor Protectors reduce noise and prevent damage on laminate and real wood floors. Solid Wood Pipe Roses are designed to cover unsightly expansion holes around pipes.
  • Buffing - Generally Hardwood Floors need to be buffed every 3-5 years. The process usually takes about 1 day. This allows for the new coat of finish to mechanically adhere to the floor.
  • Floor sanding-Sanding provides a method for smoothing an installed floor, compensating for unevenness of the subfloor.

3) The Materials Used To Prepare Wooden Floors

  • Adhesive-quality PVA adhesive is essential, liquid damp proof membrane (DPM): A liquid chemical that is applied to a clean, sound and flat concrete sub floor to prepare it to take a either a fully glued down floor installation, floor leveller products are the quick and economical solution.
  • Oiled. Finishing your wood floor with an oil can give it a rich natural look
  • Lacquered finished floors have a distinctive advantage of all finished wood floor surfaces as they low maintenance
  • Hardwax Oils offers extremely good protection for your wooden floor as it is hard wearing and highly durable.

4) The Important Aspects For Accessorizing Wooden Floors

  • Underlay - Flooring underlay can help you get the best out of the wide range of wood flooring types.
  • Wood Profiles - Finishing door wood profiles, are essential for you to complete the fitting of your wood floor. These are made of solid oak.
  • Skirting & Scotia is the original way to cover the expansion gap around the edge of your wood floor. 


5) Maintenance Of Wooden Floors

  • Regular maintenance requires little more than sweeping with a soft bristle broom.
  • Oil soaps should not be used to clean the floors.
  • Excessive grit and foot traffic may affect appearance.
  • You also should clean your floors periodically with a professional wood floor cleaning product recommended by a wood flooring professional.

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