Why to select wood flooring?

When you are in two minds about installing wooden floors in your den or office, you should not be swayed by the installation cost which might make you rethink your decision of installing wood flooring. Instead look at the long term benefits that you would reap from them and you will be happy that you chose wood flooring over other options. Some of the points that might influence your decision to install wooden floors are as follows: ·         Affordability – quite contrary to common belief, wood floors are actually affordable…


Engineered Oak Flooring-Benefits and Installation

Engineered Oak is a very ideal wood for making flooring. It has the characteristic properties that is best suited for flooring and is easily available as well. Engineered Oak is available in many sizes and thus can be used for small rooms as well as large halls or corridors and passage ways. Some of the major benefits of Oak wood are as follows. ·         Durability – oak wood has a very high durability and can be used for making floor tiles that has a very high footfall. They can sustain…

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