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Golden Grade Solid Oak Flooring

A beautiful natural product which comes in the authentic golden polish which provides the true natural texture to be recognized by sight and feel. Usually, golden grade wood floors are acquired to build an old warm look but this product has seven layers of natural UV coat applied to the top of the surface allowing this product to be installed in both a current and old outset.
Due to the intensive finishing method, this flooring has been through it makes it very hard for any scuffs and marks to be noticeable on the surface, making this product model for any pets or kids. Each board has a classed as an averagely sized width when it comes to solid oak flooring. There are few different ways you can install this charming gold grade oak flooring, a floating floor where you stick the joint together, secret nail the floor where you nail the floor down into the wooden subfloor or finally you can glue the floor directly to the subfloor. All our oak flooring products are sourced in Europe enabling us to produce the highest quality oak flooring. Nexus Flooring can provide you with all the parallel flooring accessories, such as matching thresholds pieces for around the corner of the bedroom and the doorways, underlay to give strength underneath, glue to fit the product and a full charge of other coordinating accessories and support products.

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18mm x 150mm Smooth Golden Solid Oak Wood Flooring

£99.00 per m2
£70.83 per m2

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