Solid oak flooring is any product which is produced and curated from timber; it’s a 100% natural wood product.  The product comes from a single piece of solid wood which is cut, buffed, machined and sanded and refinished multiple of times into different range of sizes as per the requirement. Perhaps solid hardwood flooring in a home is one of the most desired and gracious parts of home décor these days.


Solid oak flooring instantly adds a luxurious, premium and elegant look to any room. It doesn’t only look good to your eyes but also to your feet, as they feel amazing to feet. It’s just not enough; it adds warmth to the room since wood is a good insulator. Also, they have a long life and are very much durable with proper care and maintenance. It has a wide range of colors suitable for the room.


There are different species of wood such as red oak, acacia, walnut, rosewood hardwood, hickory, oak, mahogany, most people also consider bamboo as one.  Each wood has a different pattern with varying colors, styles, and everything.


There are many types of solid wood flooring. The most popular types are as under:

  • Solid hand scraped flooring-

Solid hand scraped flooring also known as sculptured wood flooring is done using a draw knife to scrape a plank into smoothness to make an even surface.

  • Solid lacquered flooring-

Lacquered flooring is a modern vanish finish flooring, giving healthy shine and protective layer over your solid wood floor.

  • Solid oak flooring-

Oak flooring with its rich detailing and deep tones give the room a rustic look and timeless appeal.

  • Solid brushed and oiled flooring-

Solid brushed and oiled flooring finished with layers of oil provides protection to the top and internal layer of the floor. It provides natural and traditional matt finish to the flooring.

  • Solid acacia flooring
  • Unfinished solid wood flooring


You must be wondering about the installation of solid wood as floors must be a really complex task? You need professionals to do the job for you. They have the knowledge about everything and there are certain things to keep in mind while installing your solid hardwood flooring. They are sensitive to moisture and are for nail-down installation only. Nails, screws and wood flooring adhesive are used when installing the planks.

For more installation tips, feel free to contact us.

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