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20mm x 6mm x 260mm Natural Brushed Oiled Engineered Oak Wood Flooring

Finish : Engineered Brushed Oiled
Size : 20mm x 6mm x 260mm; Fixed Lengths 1.1m to 2.2m
Profile : Tongue and Groove • Micro bevelled on 2 sides
Construction :Single Plank • 6mm Top Layer Oak • 14mm Plywood 3 Ply
Fitting :Secret nail • Flooring adhesive • Floating
Suitable :Living Areas & Kitchen, Under Floor Heating
Grade : ABC
Product Origin : Europe
Pack size : 2.47

£ 145.83 

£ 62.00  per m2  ( Ex-VAT )

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We recommend to include 10% extra because wood is a natural product.

Oak is one the best wood for making flooring as it is as strong as it is resistant to all types of natural wearing and pest infestations. Due to the unique nature of Oak having a different rusty and grainy texture of its own and its sustainability, Oak is people’s number one choice for wood flooring.

The engineered brushed oiled oak wooden floor tiles have dimension of 20 x 6 x 260 and is ideal for small rooms as well as large spaces. The brushed oiled engineered oak gives out a honey colored hue and displays the natural grain pattern with its character markings and color variations. As a result, each piece of the wooden tiles has individuality to itself.

The wooden planks are first brushed which brings out and enhances the grain structure of the oak tree. The brush strokes are given with the help of a roller. After the brushing process, the oil is applied on each plank. The oil not only provides a richness and depth in the color of the wood, it provides shine and protects the wood from scratches and other damages.

These engineered brushed oiled oak floorings need very less care and maintenance. The floors can be easily cleaned with soap cleaners or other wooden floor cleaners. The presence of oil provides the sustainability and durability against all kinds of scratches and the brushing adds a peculiar rugged texture to the entire floor. This kind of flooring is a winner in all forms and must be used by people wanting longevity and beauty for their floor.