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20mm x6mm x 260mm Unfinished Engineered Oak Wood Flooring

Finish : Engineered Unfinished Oak
Size : 20mm x 6mm x 260mm; Fixed Lengths 1.1m to 2.2m
Profile : Tongue and Groove • Micro bevelled on 2 sides
Construction :Single Plank • 6mm Top Layer Oak • 14mm Multi Layer Plywood
Fitting :Secret nail • Flooring adhesive • Floating
Suitable :Living Areas & Kitchen, Under Floor Heating
Grade : ABC
Product Origin : Europe
Pack size : 2.29

£ 145.00 

£ 65.00  per m2  ( Ex-VAT )

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We recommend to include 10% extra because wood is a natural product.

One of the finest woods to be used for flooring is Oak it has great strength and hardness and is resistant to insects and fungal attack. Its grain marked texture adds to their elegance and classy look. The oak wood when engineered with an unfinished allows the user to choose their personal finishing touch. This wooden floor planks have a dimension of 21 X 6 X 260, which makes it the ideal planks for installing in larger areas such as corridors in mansions and large halls.

The oak wood essentially makes good flooring owing to its hard nature and durability. It also has a high amount of sustainability owing to its fungal resistant characteristic. Using the engineered unfinished oak flooring for large halls and mansion would mean that it will be washed regularly owing to the high amount of footfall it would receive. But the tannin content in oak would fight off any amount of fungus that sets in the wood. The unfinished oak tiles can be given sufficient amount of finishing paint as per the footfall expected.

The engineered unfinished oak allows the users to add their personal taste and aesthetic sense to the process of flooring. Good flooring can always change the entire look of the building. This also saves a lot of undue expenditure and people can get the house they always dreamed of. The finishing of the unfinished floor can have a lot of options to choose from. Users can choose the finishing color as per the requisite of the building.


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