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20x4x190 Engineered Lacquered Oak

Finish : Engineered Lacquered
Size : 20mm x4mm x 190mm; Fixed Lenghts
Profile : Tongue and Groove • Micro bevelled on 2 sides
Construction :Single Plank •4mm Top Layer Oak • 16mm 3 Layer Plywood
Fitting :Secret nail • Flooring adhesive • Floating
Suitable :Living Areas & Kitchen, Under Floor Heating
Grade : AB
Product Origin : Europe
Pack size : 2.17

£ 75.10 

£ 30.04  per m2  ( Ex-VAT )

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We recommend to include 10% extra because wood is a natural product.

Similar to our other Engineered Lacquered Oak products, this offering from Nexus Flooring, is also a sub-type of Engineered Wood Flooring, but with slightly different dimensions than the others.

The reason why we call it an ‘engineered’ Lacquered Oak is because of the fact that it is literally engineered by our experts, i.e. this type of flooring is a result of the combination and piling up of about 3-12 multiple layers of hardwood. On top of which is a 5mm thick layer of ‘veneer’. This net combination gives our product an advantage over the other products in the market, as it tends to increase the durability and thus life, of your floor.

This variant of Engineered Lacquered Oak, from Nexus Flooring, has a dimension of 20mm x 190mm, apart from being 5mm thick on top, having a layer of Oak. Thus, you can choose to install this type of floor, anywhere you want, accordingly. The final product is constructed from a single piece of wood, which is a result of engineering done on 15mm thick, multi-layered plywood.

Nexus Flooring’s fitting services will take care of all the installation tasks that need to be performed on your property, but just to inform you, so that you are aware of the jargon that’ll be used around, when we come to your house, there are three methods to install an Engineered Lacquered Oak floor:
Secret Nail
Flooring Adhesive

To give you an average understanding about what all happens and the jargons that are used, our representative will remain by your side.

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