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20x6x190 Unfinished ABC Engineered Oak Wood Flooring

Finish : Engineered Unfinished Oak
Size : 20mm x 6mm x 190mm; Fixed Lengths 1.1m to 1.9m
Profile : Tongue and Groove • Micro bevelled on 2 sides
Construction :Single Plank •4mm Top Layer Oak • 16mm Ply Layer Plywood
Fitting :Secret nail • Flooring adhesive • Floating
Suitable :Living Areas & Kitchen, Under Floor Heating
Grade : ABC
Product Origin : Europe
Pack size : 1.45

£ 93.75 

£ 43.33  per m2  ( Ex-VAT )

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We recommend to include 10% extra because wood is a natural product.

Oak is one of the finest woods to be used for flooring owing to their great strength and hardness. They also have a very high tannin content which makes them resistant to insects and fungal attack. Oak wood also has an exquisite grain marking texture which makes them look elegant on the floors. The oak wood when engineered with oiled look shows elegance and class.

The engineered oiled oak wooden floor tiles have dimension of 20 X 5 X 190 and is ideal for rooms which are likely to have a very high footfall. The oiled engineered oak gives out a honey colored hue and displays the natural grain pattern with its character markings and color variations. This gives each piece of the wooden tiles a special design unique to itself.

Oil is applied to the wooden planks which provide them with a richness and depth in the color of the wood. It also provides shine and protects the wood from scratches and other damages. These types of engineered oak floorings need very less care and maintenance. Soap and other floor cleaners of everyday use can be ideally used to clean this kind of flooring. This type of engineered oiled oak flooring is ideal for rooms where a lot of activity and footfall is likely to take place, like for instance a kitchen or the dining space where food and liquid drinks is likely to spill. The oil would protect the wood and at the same time the cleaning process will also be extremely easy.


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