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Free Underlay on All orders over £1499* to majority of U.K.

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Fitting Service

  • Glue down - "This method requires the wood floor to be stuck directly to the subfloor with a suitable flexible & waterproof adhesive."

  • Secret nailing - "The use of a special Floor Nailing Tool drives a barbed steel cleat into the tongue of the new floor board at an angle of 45 degrees, and then into either a suitable sized, kiln dried batten, joist or into a plywood subfloor."

  • Floating Method -"This is where the new floor is fitted over an underlay without being fixed to the subfloor, which is ideal when there is some doubt regarding excess moisture in the subfloor or the absence of a Damp Proof Membrane because we can supply underlay that has an integrated DPM."

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Launched in 2010 by two young entrepreneurs with years of global experience and knowledge in the flooring business, Nexus Flooring is here to provide you exceptional quality of oak flooring at unbelievably low prices at your doorstep! That’s what differentiates us from our competitors. We at Nexus Flooring understand your needs and expectations, and we are at your service to fulfill them. Read More >>

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