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18 x 125 Solid Oak Hand Scraped Tobacco Wood

£74.97 per m2
£37.50 per m2

18mm x 125mm Solid Brushed Oiled Oak

£68.72 per m2
£32.49 per m2

15x3x127 Engineered Natural Lacquered Oak Click

£60.40 per m2
£25.83 per m2

15x4x190 Engineered Natural Brushed Oiled Oak

£77.07 per m2
£35.00 per m2

20x6x260 Engineered Natural Oiled

£145.83 per m2
£60.00 per m2

15mm x 3mm x 127mm Engineered Golden Oak Click

£64.57 per m2
£29.14 per m2

HDF 10mm x 2.5mm x 127mm Brushed Smoky Mocha Lacquered

£72.90 per m2
£26.67 per m2

HDF 10mm x 2.5mm x 127mm Brushed Caramel Lacquered

£72.00 per m2
£26.67 per m2

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Welcome and History

Welcome to Nexus Flooring

Launched in 2010 by two young entrepreneurs with years of global experience and knowledge in the flooring business, Nexus Flooring is here to provide you exceptional quality of oak flooring at unbelievably low prices at your doorstep! That’s what differentiates us from our competitors.

Who Are We

We offer the best quality wood floorings that you will ever get, at most affordable prices, so that your desire of having the best wood flooring for your home or office is not merely a dream. Since prices are not of concern here, cheap wood flooring is made available to you.

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