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Engineered Oak Flooring
We at Nexus flooring are here to provide you the finest quality real wooden flooring for your offices and homes at most cost effective prices. There are a multitude of engineered wooden floorings available in the market. But what makes us different is, though our prices are most affordable we never compromise on the quality of the flooring.
Engineered oak flooring is a product, which is made up of pure oak and has a top layer made of hardwood veneer that is glued to the top surface. The oak flooring has the natural characteristics of oak. Engineered oak flooring has been designed in such a way so that it provides greater stability and is particularly apt for environment with too much of moisture and heat. When it comes to the flooring options, there are a number of flooring options available in the market. However the engineered oak flooring is highly preferred by the people now days because it is much more versatile and stable than the other flooring options available.
An insight to engineered oak flooring:
What is engineered wood flooring is a big question among the people now days.  However with so many benefits that this kind of flooring already has; the engineered oak flooring is becoming the new sensation in the society. These engineered floors come with at least a ten-year warranty.
In this type of flooring there are 3-12 multiple ply woods arranged one on top of the other and at the top of its core there is ‘veneer’, a type of solid wood glued to it. This top layer’s average thickness can be 0.5mm to 4.5mm or even more. Because of the high level of customization required in the compilation of this multiple wooden layers, this type of flooring is known as engineered oak flooring and this is what separates it from other type of wooden flooring.  
Engineered wood flooring offers best quality along with authentic wooden floor feeling in the house. These floors are highly stable when compared to the traditional floors and are rarely affected by the seasonal changes. These floors are now easily available and can be easily fitted using the new floating technique. The floating technique is very easy and requires no previous experience for it.
Maintaining these engineered flooring is also quite easy. These floors are generally polished with oil or lacquer. To maintain this floor, it must be treated with oil from time to time. If you have little kids at home then a lacquer finished engineered flooring is ideal for your house as they are quite resilient towards stains. Unlike the traditional flooring, the engineered flooring will not wear out with time if you maintain it properly. However, engineered floor is not preferred for areas where there are high chances of moisture such as bathroom and other wet areas.
Construction of engineered floor:
The engineered floor involves three strong layers of real wood. These engineered flooring is made up of oak in case of engineered oak flooring. The first layer is made up of either oak or walnut that’s chosen by the customer. The second layer is made up of plywood while the third and final layer is made up of hardwood veneer. When all these three layers are combined together, it leads to the formation of engineered oak flooring. This floor is finished off with a shiny coating of oil. Oak is an extremely high quality and durable wood that in itself guarantees long life time of these floorings. These oak woods are sources from sustainable forests so you can enjoy them in your house without the guilt of hampering the environment.
Purchasing engineered floor:
The huge number of benefits is leading to the popularity of the engineered flooring. Now you can easily purchase engineered flooring from your neighborhood as well as from the online stores. You can not only find a variety of engineered flooring but can also get heavy discount on them. Engineered oak flooring sale is a popular category that is being searched on the internet now days. However if you are not sure about these new engineered floorings then some of the companies even provide their customers with free samples.
Advantages of engineered oak flooring:
Engineered flooring provides a number of advantages to its users. These advantages include: If your home is at the basement or you are worried about dampness, then our engineered oak flooring is recommended for you. Good quality engineered floors at Nexus Flooring are ideal for your homes and offices, which require low care and maintenance. The trust of our hundreds of satisfied customers is our reward in becoming the top brand in engineered wood floor. 
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