Engineered Oak flooring is available in many different shades and is quite a versatile type of wood. There are many options in this type of flooring which will make your room look bigger and brighter. If you need some warmth in your room, the engineered oak is exactly what you need!

Engineered Oak Flooring possesses all the aesthetics of traditional solid wood but, with an innovation in design that makes it more versatile!

Engineered Wood flooring is one of the most popular styles of flooring and is quite versatile too. It comes in handy in a lot of cases where you need to choose your own color, cut, finish, and surface texture in areas where Solid Hardwood Floor is not recommended.

It is less likely to get dented or damaged which makes it quite durable. The best part is, it can give you the exact look and feel of a Solid Hardwood.

“A good floor is not only decorative – it needs to withstand the challenges of everyday life.”

What really is Engineered Oak Flooring?

Genuine Engineered Flooring is made in layers. The core of the engineered wood is made up of pine and spruce wood which allows it to expand and contract as per the changing temperatures and moisture levels without affecting the Engineered Oak flooring, unlike a Solid Oak Flooring.

The very strength of this type of flooring comes from the fact that it is consists of a number of layers. Each layer is set a grain perpendicular to the previous layer. These are then compressed; this makes Engineered Wood Flooring less prone to splits and bends. The superior strength and stability of this type of flooring remain unmatched with any other kind of wooden flooring option.

What are the different styles/shades of Engineered Oak Flooring?

Oak floor is available in many different shades and is quite a versatile type of wood. There are many options in this type of flooring which will make your room look bigger and brighter. Or if you need some warmth in your room, the Oak floor is exactly what you need!

Engineered Oak Flooring is suitable both for home and office. It is available in many different shades and each shade has its own relevance. Some of the shades available are:

  • White/Grey Oak: If you are looking for a cool and contemporary kind of aesthetic then this shade is perfect for your room. It makes the room look modern and homely at the same time. The lighter shades make the room to feel warm rather than clinical.

  • Light Natural Oak: This style looks appropriate in kitchens and hallways, creating a welcoming feel to the home. This shade enhances the light and warmth in a room.

  • Stained/Lacquered Oak: This is one of the classic flooring options and is easily recognizable. This is the most appropriate for country cottage designs and rustic rooms.

  • Dark Oak: This style can add a lot of drama to your room. It also adds depth to a room.

Why go for Engineered Oak Flooring?

  • Easy Installation: In most cases, Engineered Wood flooring can be installed directly over concrete, something which a Solid Hardwood can never do.

  Some Engineered wood styles are designed for the glue-down applications while some require securing the floor with nails and staples. But either way, it is easy to install.

  • Easy Maintenance: Engineered Wood flooring is very similar in appearance of a Solid Wood Floor but, it has greater structural stability which makes it easy to maintain.

Engineered Wood can be sanded to remove any surface blemishes. So if you find a scratch or a mark, it can be sanded off or waxed. Brushing the engineered wood floor also raises the texture and markings of the grain. It gives the floor a more natural and organic look.

  • Good Stability: Unlike the Solid Hardwood, Engineered wood can withstand the changes in temperature and moisture levels. That means it is not prone to shrinking and warping with the changes in the environment as much as solid wood is.

This is the reason why, Engineered Wood Flooring can also be installed in kitchens, conservatories or spaces with high amounts of temperature and humidity changes. This flooring option adds beauty, warmth and value to your home for a very long duration of time.

Engineered Wood comes in either multi-ply or three-ply construction. Multi-ply floors are used in high quality flooring as its core is made up of several layers of plywood for a floor with superior strength and stability. Engineered wood can also be made available at a lower cost by using softwood or HDF ‘core’ layer which too gives good strength and stability to the floor.

  • Many styles available: Engineered Wooden Flooring has many styles and shades available. A Solid Hardwood has very less options available.

Even the most unusual species like – Ash, Maple, Merbau or Walnut are available in an engineered floor. Some of the domestic favourites are – Oak, Cherry, Maple and Walnut. Some exotic options are – Tigerwood, Acacia and Sapele.

Engineered Oak Flooring Cost

Engineered wood flooring costs somewhere between laminate and solid wood flooring. Since engineered wood is a hybrid of both laminate and solid hardwood, it offers the best of both worlds. The cost of the Engineered Oak Floor also depends on – style you choose, the thickness of the wood and size of your room.

Quick Tips

We recommend at least a period of seven days between receiving your engineered oak wood and installing it. Why? Because of the fact that as a natural product engineered wood floors will move slightly, so it is better to let your engineered wood settle into the new environment before you install it. Even though more stable than a solid wood floor, engineered wood flooring needs to become used to the conditions of your home before it is installed.

Easy Maintenance Tips for Engineered Wood Flooring

Maintaining an engineered wood floor is a snap

  1. Sweep, Vacuum dust, grit two or three times a week.

  2. Wipe up spills immediately.

  3. Use cleansing products meant specifically for wood floors.

  4. Keep dogs nailed clipped and avoid wearing high heels, it might make dents in the floor.

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