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Solid Oak Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring can add warmth and splendor to a home and it is the most preferred floor covering which can increase the value of any home. At Nexus Flooring, we provide the best solid oak flooring in London, which not only adds beauty to your home, but also assures you the robust flooring that survives for years without any issues.

What is Solid Oak Flooring?

In solid oak flooring, basically a single piece of wood made from timber, which is a compilation of wood from different trees, is used for flooring purpose. Irrespective of structural or artistic flooring, the material used is made up of a single piece of wood with the thickness in the range of 12-20mm. 

Variety of colour and options:
Apart from the standard size of the hardwood flooring, which three to four inches thick and two to three inches wide, they are now available in a variety of other sizes and colors. If you need a custom size then you can also order it and get it customized from a dealer. Red oak, white oak and maple wood are some of the most popular categories of the solid wood floor.
Choosing a hardwood flooring style:
While choosing solid oak flooring, there are several tips that must be kept in mind. One such tip is to check the grade of the flooring that you are going to purchase. Wooden flooring is a natural product and thus it is not right to expect perfectionism from it. Therefore it is always recommended to buy 5-10 % more than your actual need.
Installing your new solid oak flooring:
If you are planning to install new solid oak flooring in the UK then there are several pointers that must be kept in mind. Even the solid flooring expands to a certain level just after the installation process. Thus it is very important to leave the house four to five days before the installation. If this precaution is taken, the floor will easily settle down and there will be no issues of expansion later. In this type of flooring, a tongue and groove mechanism is used to fix the blocks of wood together. At the junction of two pieces, the tongue block will have a carefully carved T-shaped edge, which is fixed into the valley of groove block whose depth has to be exactly fitting to hold the T-shaped edge. These two pieces are fixed together by feeding the tongue into the groove. This type of joint is very strong with minimal use of adhesives because of the mechanism used for the joint. The number of times o can refurnish the floor depends on the depth of the tongue block.
Ideal areas for the installation of solid flooring:
Hardwood flooring is highly sensitive to moisture and starts expanding or shrinking. Thus it is not recommended to install the hardwood flooring in areas where the moisture is high or that remains wet most of the time. Most of the solid flooring is nailed down and only a few exceptions are there in the market that offers the facility of glueing the floor to the ground below. Thus the hardwood flooring can also not be glued or fixed directly over the concrete.
Advantages of solid oak flooring:

  • Solid flooring can be re furnished as many times as possible and thus can last for as long as 100 years which is a true investment for your house.
  • Hardwood solid flooring is a valuable addition to your house as it increases the price value of your house. A house with hardwood flooring always sells faster at higher rates.
  • A variety of designs and colours available with solid flooring increases the appeal of the house and makes it warmer for the family.
  • Hardwood flooring is relatively very easy to install as it can be either nailed down or glued to the existing floor. While installing the solid flooring, one must make sure that the ground below is not made up of concrete. The installation procedure is so simple that you can even install the hardwood flooring on your own.
  • The two types of hardwood flooring available in the London are un-furnished and pre furnished. In the case of pre furnished hardwood, you don’t need to sand and re-sand it again and again. Pre-furnished hardwood flooring can be directly installed while un-furnished hardwood must be manually sanded and re-sanded several times.
  • In most of the wooden flooring, flexing is considered to be normal. However, the thickness of hardwood flooring hinders the activity of flexing when you walk on it.
  • Hardwood flooring is highly popular among the people but engineered oak flooring is quickly taking over it. However, hardwood flooring is available in longer lengths when compared to the engineered floor and they are also relatively cheaper.
  • If your family members always suffer from some kind of allergy or another, the type of flooring that your house has can be one of the reasons behind it. However, when you install hardwood solid flooring, you can be quite sure that it will not cause you any kind of allergies or diseases.
  • Hardwood flooring can be sanded many times and maintained easily over the years.


Solid oak planks have been a staple in homes down the ages and were likely utilized by the foremost people groups to settle in Europe.

In the times of yore, the vast majority of the deck would have been green oak and interjected at the same point as the creation of the dwelling, yet after some time, air drying and furnace drying turned out to be more well known as awareness of the properties of oak developed.

Nowadays, all strong oak flooring is furnace dried to a mist content of in the vicinity of 8% and 12% to limit development in the wood as moistness level changes.


From Wooden Tree to Wooden Floor

Once a fairly sized hardwood tree has been felled, the major trunk is "tidied up" by having the greater part of its branches excluded to accouche what is known as a "round".

These oak rounds are then made accessible to sawmills, timber vendors and deck makers to choose the best for their motive.

Picking a fair round for deck is a blend of expertise and good chances, as you can just observe the two cut finishes and what number of branches were ejected. Many times, it is conceivable to see hints of the fungus which brings about tiger striping or darker oak however in general, the proficient purchaser is searching for the thickness, smoothness and architectural of the button rings.

At the point when a round has been chosen, it is taken to the sawmill for preparing.

Based upon the kind of cut required (level sawed, quarter-sawn, and so on.) the round is cut into 28mm thick layers and put "into stick" to air dry for between 3 months and 2 years - you may have seen this outside timber factory, where an entire cut round has been left to dry with wooden wedges set between the layers.

The air-dried oak is now placed into a furnace for around a month and a half to take the moist content of the wood down to around 10-12% (take note of that some oak imported into the London from China, has been dried down to under 8% whereupon, the minute the oak sheets are unwrapped from their water/air proof bundling, they swell rapidly in Britain's sodden air and often grow disfigured).

After the dried wood rises up out of the furnace, it is treated into the developed 20mm ground planks you purchase for your home - push grooves are directed, tongues and grooves are joined and the planks are planed and sanded to a smooth wrap up.


The Grades of Solid Oak Flooring


Barn Grade

Barn grade or rustic grade is famous for its high number of bunches, blisters, shading streaks, shakes, splits and even gaps.

These highlights give the sheets their particular character - perfect for use in reestablishing an old barn dwelling place or fitting out a rustic pub.


Character Grade

The character is the most regular grade of oak flooring, with several bunches of varying sizes and wide shading variety.

This form many times incorporates the odd hairline shake as well.

Character form oak flooring is the ideal "Handyman" and looks great in everything from a barn transformation to a cutting-edge level.


Select Grade

Select grade solid oak ?ooring is basically a better grade of character grade with fewer bunches, shakes and fractures and additionally less shading variety.

If you are viewing for a "cleaner" appearance for your flat, select grade gives the genuine compromise character grade and prime grade.


Classic Grade

In terms of its bunches and shakes, classic grade solid oak flooring is fundamentally the same as character grade oak flooring.

The key distinction between the two is that classic grade has the striking during of medullary beams.

Medullary beams are caused by plant cells running over the tree at an edge bringing about sleek, silver markings across the board.


Prime Grade

If you are searching for absolute flawlessness from your oak flooring, the prime grade is as close as you'll come.

Taken shape the focal point of the oak round, where the development rings are most firmly stuffed, prime grade flooring is basically free from any bunches, shakes and burrs, each tree delivering just a little amount of these sheets.


Quarter Sawn Oak Flooring

As the name recommends, these sheets are made from quarter sawn oak.

The most selective (and expensive!) approach to accouche timber boards, quarter sawn oak sheets has wonderful ?guring and a super tight grain.

With essentially no ties, no bunches, quarter sawn oak flooring is created from just a little piece of the tree, making it exceptionally uncommon and to a great degree attractive.


Legere 14mm

In the event that you are hoping to introduce an oak floor which needs to be laid over a plywood sub-?oor, while as yet keeping however much room height as could be expected, Legere 14mm strong oak flooring is the ideal solution.

A similar grade to character flooring, the 14mm thickness demonstrates sufficiently thick to make the floor stable, yet sufficiently thin to supplant a cover/underlay mixture.


Grange 14mm

Like Legere, this plank has been formed to provide for those who are after lighter, yet durable solid oak flooring.

The Grange plank is based upon barn grade oak with all of the likewise features in a lighter style.


Manor 14mm

Manor 14mm solid oak flooring is basically a character grade with the distinguishing tiger striping familiar to each brownish oak and produced by a mould located in the alive oak tree.

An amazingly striking impact when viewed in a room background!

Nexus flooring provides you with the best solid oak flooring which can enhance the look of your home as well as ensure you the best resale value.



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£125.00 per sqm
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