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Solid Oak Flooring Sale

Solid Oak Flooring

This Spring Season 2019, enjoy up to 60% off on Cheapest  #1 Solid Oak Flooring in the UK, only at Nexus Flooring. Lowest Price Guaranteed!


Solid oak flooring, unlike engineered oak flooring, is made out of 100% wood only. A solid block of wood is cut down to the desired size, which varies from the 18 to 25 cms. The style of designer solid oak flooring can vary from flat sawn to quarter sawn, depending on the need of the hour. Usually, the flat sawn version is the most desired and well-recognized design, since it has a triangular grain. On the contrary, quarter sawn is divided into quarters, and rift sawn, which gives the grain a horizontal finish.

Once the cutting process is completed, the blocks of wood are put into a kiln for drying and finishing. If you crave for a rustic, and a warm look for your house or office, then solid wood flooring will be the right choice for you.

Why should you consider solid oak flooring in 2019?

Let’s answer this question in the best possible manner, to put your mind at ease. Solid oak flooring is durable, and can even last a lifetime, with the right type of maintenance. Real wood flooring attracts lesser dust, mould, and even allergens, as compared to some of the other flooring alternatives in the market currently. Add a tone of rustic feeling and warmth to the list of advantages, and the reasons will be enough for you to fall in love with designer solid oak flooring.

Which wood form should you choose?

There are a number of variants available in the market, even within the cheap solid hardwood flooring category. We, at Nexus Flooring, have a range of options available for you to choose from. You can request a free sample from our stores, and ask our experts for the best flooring wood options for your house/office. You can choose from a variety of options, which include oak, walnut, bamboo, and acacia, among many others. Nevertheless, solid oak flooring is one of the best options, considering its strength, durability and coloring options. 

Where can solid oak flooring be used and installed?

Solid oak flooring can be a great addition to any part of the house. However, for best results, it is best to avoid installing these floorings in areas with high moisture content. One should avoid installing these flooring types in bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories, and basements. For all other areas, you can use solid oak flooring and choose from a wide variety of options, only available at Nexus Flooring.

Why Nexus Flooring?

Nexus Flooring is one of the best and finest wooden flooring shops in London, offering a wide variety of options to users. Simply put, if design, durability, strength or flexibility is the features you seek, Nexus Flooring has a wide range of options for you. Our experts are available to help you narrow down your flooring choices so that you get quality solid oak flooring for your house/office. Reach out to us and order your free samples today.

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18mm x 150mm UV Oiled Solid Oak Wood Flooring

£68.72 per m2
£50.00 per m2

18mm x 150mm Matt Lacquered Solid Oak Wood Flooring

£93.90 per m2
£50.00 per m2

18mm x 125mm H/S Coffee Espresso Solid Oak Wood Flooring

£74.97 per m2
£50.00 per m2

18mm x 125mm Lacquered Solid Oak Wood Flooring LT18125

£83.32 per m2
£50.00 per m2

20mm x 120mm Lacquered Solid Oak Wood Flooring

£93.70 per m2
£50.00 per m2

20mm x 150mm Lacquered Solid Oak Wood Flooring

£94.00 per m2
£54.16 per m2

20mm x 180mm Solid Lacquered Oak Wood Flooring

£125.00 per sqm
£60.00 per sqm

20mm x 140mm Brushed Oiled Solid Oak Wood Flooring

£100.00 per sqm
£62.50 per sqm

18mm x 150mm Smooth Golden Solid Oak Wood Flooring

£99.00 per m2
£70.83 per m2

18mm x 150mm Rondo Hand Scraped Tobacco/Light Golden Solid Oak Wood Flooring

£125.00 per m2
£79.16 per m2

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