10 things to keep in Mind before buying wooden flooring

Adding charm to one’s house is what everyone has on their mind and wooden flooring is the best option that one has because of how strong and good it looks. Wooden flooring is the most common and safest buy in the current market right now. Still there are few things we need to keep in mind before adding wooden flooring as it has its own pros and cons

1.     Quality look:  Wooden flooring is the type of flooring which delivers the most attractive and quality look that one can possibly imagine. It provides you with a spacious and elegant look which never goes out of style. When other floors will begin to look old and rusty the hardwood floor will still look young and beautiful.


2.     Durability: High quality standardized hardwood is durable in nature i.e. it will stay in a good condition for generations. It is able to stand heavy foot traffic, but can get damaged from excessive moisture. Hardwood can be repaired by sanding imperfections and refinishing. The harder the wood, the less it is prone to dent and gouges. Some prefinished solid wood boards come with a 50 year warranty.


3.     Variety: Hardwood flooring has a wide range of products. It offers you different styles, colors species. You can choose from unfinished wood flooring to factory finish flooring, solid wood flooring to engineered oak flooring. Each design is unique in and provides an amazing finish. There are about 100 times as many hardwood species than there are softwoods along with a variety of finish, type and style.


4.     Healthy Indoor air quality: Not only does the wooden flooring provide a quality look but it also provides a healthier indoor air quality. As wooden flooring has no fibers or grout lines that can trap dust particles or allergens therefore it is the best choice for people suffering from any kind of allergy or people who are prone to be attacked by bacteria’s. 


5.     Easy to clean: Hardwood floors are really easy to clean as they do not accumulate a lot of dirt, dust or allergens. It only needs a weekly cleaning procedure which involves moping with a wet cloth, vacuum cleaning.


6.     Long term Investment: Choosing hardwood flooring increases the estimate of one’s property.  It increases the resale value of a home. Everyday people continue to walk on wood floors that are as old as our nation. Therefore wood floors cost less long term and add value to the home. 90% of the real estate agencies of London claim that homes with wood floors sell faster and for more money. 


7.     Better for your Joints: The wooden floor gives a little, therefore making is easier for your knees and feet to walk upon. This is why your feet get tired faster on other surfaces like Tile, Stone etc. Wooden Oak flooring is the favorite flooring material for Kitchen in UK.


8.     Best Choice for Environment: The production of wood is a much cleaner method when compared with other building materials. Wood sends less solid waste when compared with sleet or concrete.


9.     Easy to redecorate: Hardwood flooring do not require a lot for a change in its look, you just need to paint, stain, dye or apply inlays and the entire look changes. You don’t have to replace any material. Solid ¾-Inch boards can be refurbished up to 10 times.

Availability: Online stores offer you a wide variety of hardwood flooring from which you can decide the most suitable one. These products have all the information next to them which is helpful for you.

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