4 unconventional flooring options for the fussy home owners

Hardwood flooring, like solid wood flooring and engineered oak flooring are passé. With the ever-changing trends, it is important to stay in vogue, and change with time. If you too are looking to make the most out of your interiors, and want to have your floorings stand out, you have to simply invest in these top 4 different, yet unexpected flooring types for your house.

Rest assured, you would not want to consider the plain old hardwood flooring ever again, after going through these unconventional flooring options.


Rubber flooring is no longer restricted to industrial spaces and offices. In fact, rubber has slowly inched its way into the residential areas, and become an excellent option for home owners. Available in tiles and rolls, the different colors and textures of rubber flooring will simply make you want to invest in rubber flooring instantly. Ideal for areas with high foot traffic, rubber flooring will be a good option for bathrooms and kitchens. It’s durable, colorful, and will prove to be rather beneficial in wet areas. Give it another look, if you are looking for a flooring option within your kitchens and bathrooms.


Cork has become a preferred choice for many home owners looking to renovate on a budget. Add the option of sustainable, eco-friendly flooring to the list, and cork will stand out immediately. Being a great insulator of heat, cold and even sound, cork flooring has a lot of buoyant qualities, making it an instant hit in kitchens. It’s available in a series of neutral colors, which helps it blend in with the surroundings with ease.

Painted hardwood

Hardwood tends to remain the center of attention, even though the basic hardwood colors have gone out of fashion for a few fussy homeowners. If you are in the mood to break the stereotypical trends, and want to inculcate a charming look, you might want to check out painted hardwood flooring. Not only this flooring option is cost effective, but it can also have a deep impact on the interiors. However, select the colors carefully, as you might be stuck with this flooring type for a while.

Patterned Board Flooring Giving the regular, traditional hardwood flooring another spin, you can opt for patterned board flooring. Wood boards are painted or even covered with a happening graphic design, to give them a different look for the home owners. These boards usually start off at being five-inches wide, and are further cut into different lengths. They are further painted and customized to give the desired look and feel of a snazzy flooring.

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