7 Quick Tips To Keep Your Engineered Wood Floors In Top Condition

7 Quick Tips To Keep Your Engineered Wood Floors In Top Condition

Engineered wood flooring has become immensely popular due to its superior properties, such as high dimensional stability, aesthetic appeal, and longevity, as it adds elegance and style to the room. 

Due to the name, some homeowners often assume that this flooring is artificial, like laminated flooring. Let’s explore the concept of engineered wood floors in detail.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Manufacturers like Nexus Flooring make engineered wood flooring by bonding multiple layers together and finishing it with a solid wood layer at the top. 

Engineered wooden flooring is one of the most common types preferred by homeowners, given its ability to withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity. 

Moreover, engineered wood floors don’t require fixing like solid wood flooring. Instead, homeowners can keep them floating over an underlay. 

Ways to Keep Your Engineered Wood Floor in the Best 

Maintaining engineered wood floors is not tiring, especially if homeowners are aware of the detailed process. 

People installing engineered wood floors need to keep their floors free from dirt, spills, and debris to prevent potential damage. 

Here are a few good practices you can follow to retain the floor’s original look for several years.

  1. Regular Cleaning

Cleaning is perhaps the easiest part of floor maintenance. Regularly cleaning engineered wood floors brings a significant difference and adds to the floors’ durability. 

Homeowners can use a vacuum for regular cleaning. 

Try mopping the floor surface with a damp cloth on alternative days. Homeowners shouldn’t use excess water while cleaning the floors, as it can moisten the floor planks, leading to complications due to moisture.

2. Checking Moisture Levels

Regardless of the type of wooden flooring, prolonged moisture exposure often has detrimental effects. Increased moisture levels on the floor are often a leading cause of floor issues. 

Engineered wood flooring has excellent dimensional stability than other solid and hardwood flooring. However, it is prone to moisture issues on sustained exposure. 

Experts at Nexus Flooring recommend using a wood moisture meter to check the moisture content of your engineered wood floor planks. 

Homeowners can adjust the humidity to avoid moisture issues if the readings are high.

3. Taking Care of Scratches and Stains

Besides adopting a regular and effective cleaning routine, you must also protect your floors from dents and scratches. Although having a scratch-proof wood floor is never possible, there are a few tricks and solutions to cause minimum damage to the floors. 

If your engineered wooden flooring suffers from scratches, try using a scratch concealer to eliminate the white lines caused by scratches. It will seal the area, prevent further scratching, and prevent moisture from seeping into the wood. 

Homeowners with pets might find it hard to maintain their wooden flooring. To make the most out of a given situation, you should always keep your pet’s nails trimmed. 

This way, you can prevent scratches on your engineered flooring. Homeowners must protect the wood floor from stains and avoid incidents that cause stained floors. 

Homeowners love installing engineered wooden floors. If you’re looking for engineered wood floor installation, speak with experts from a reputed installer like Nexus Flooring.

4. Avoid Certain Things on Your Wood Floor

Maintaining wood floors involves knowing and avoiding things. It is best to avoid using cleaning products that consist of ammonia and other complex chemicals. 

Besides, homeowners must never use wax-based cleaners and oil soaps on wood floor planks. Try to use soft materials while applying cleaners. For best results, refrain from using a steel wool brush or a scouring pad to remove marks or scratches.

A microfiber cloth or mop works excellently to collect dust and debris without damaging the floors. Since excessive moisture can damage your prized engineered flooring, it is best to avoid using wet mops, floor steamers, and other cleaning methods that allow water to seep between the planks, causing warping and further damage.

5. Use Lacquer Refreshers

When cleaning floors, homeowners must keep them shiny and lustrous. If they find that their wood floors are getting dull and developing scratches, they can use a lacquer refresher to spruce up their floors. 


Engineered flooring works best with the proper maintenance and care. Taking a few basic steps can add years to your floor’s life, making the quality up a notch. 

Make it a point to speak to some experts, to understand the best possible way to make your engineered floors look excellent and untarnished.

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