Can Hardwood Flooring Make My Space Look Larger?

Homes, for all of us, are our castles which we want to make it look larger and spacious. By using proper techniques we can make our space look larger with hardwood flooring whether it is engineered oak flooring or solid oak flooring.

Wood nowadays is a common choice as a flooring material and has many benefits. One such benefit of wooden flooring is it adds a sense of space to your room if chosen correctly.

Generally, people tend to believe that homes with a smaller floor area or smaller dimensions make the room comfortable and cozy, which is not the case always. In certain cases, the architecture and the owner of the house may face certain issues while placing the furniture.

There are certain tips to keep in mind which one should consider while remodeling for a smaller room.  Some of the tips for how to best use the hardwood flooring to your maximum advantages is as below;

1.    Choose tones strategically-
There should be a strategy with the color choices.  People believe brighter shades in a room means bigger rooms. Wrong color furniture or wrong painted walls may make your room look abnormal and smaller in size. When the walls are light, cool painted then the dark hardwood floors can actually increase the sense of space, the key is contrast as many colors as possible.
2.    Consistent flooring-
Using consistent style between all the adjacent rooms in your home, help make space look larger of the room. It creates an overall impression of greater space than the actual room area. Choose the same designs for patterned flooring in solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring, throughout the house. 

3.    Plank direction-
The way flooring is installed can also help make a room look bigger and spacious. There are certain tricks to make the room larger by installing diagonal planks or parallel flooring.  Also one should choose planks over strips.

4.    Choose wider planks-
In case of tiles choosing a larger one makes space look larger, so is the case with planks. Larger planks believe it or not make the room appear bigger and spacious. Wider planks create a sense of space and if your planks are narrow, it takes more planks to cover the full room.

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