Choosing the best wooden flooring for your house

The flooring decisions may be tough, but they are nevertheless extremely important to a homeowner. Simply put, the floors can make or break the interiors of a house, and can also be regarded as the backbone of a house’s layout. With so many flooring options available in the market, choosing the right type can be a little daunting, and give many people the jitters.

On the contrary, the reality is, with the right help and guidance, you too can choose the right flooring in a matter of hours. In this case, choosing the best plank flooring is the main task at hand.

What’s the difference between solid oak flooring, engineered oak flooring and rigid core flooring?

Solid oak flooring, as the name sounds, is a single piece of solid wood, which possesses its natural simplicity and continues to be one of the popular flooring options for homeowners. On the other hand, solid wood is a porous material, and it can absorb water like a sponge. Floors these days need to withstand heavy foot traffic, scratches, pet traffic and much more.

Engineered oak flooring, on the other hand, was created to make wooden flooring more durable and affordable for homeowners. It’s constructed from inexpensive layers of wood flooring, within an aim to fix the shortcomings of solid oak flooring. With layers of plywood and a layer of veneer on top, engineered oak flooring offers immense installation flexibility and ranks well on indent performance.

Rigid flooring is a category apart and is way different from solid and engineered flooring. It is a form of resilient flooring, which is designed for modern homes and modern flooring uses. It’s 100% waterproof, high on ease of installation and even scratch-resistant. Additionally, it comes in scores of designs, hybrid visuals and exotic colours. Imagine the range of options and colours you can choose for your house with rigid flooring.

Rigid flooring to the rescue

Solid and engineered flooring is a strict no-no for kitchens, bathrooms and basements. Rigid flooring can be installed anywhere, without worrying about its performance, durability, spills, water leakage or any other flooring related issues.

Most times, people prefer wooden flooring options which are durable, scratch-free and are comfortable on the pocket. A few other people also consider factors related to pets and kids. Kids and pets are the life and soul of a family and the flooring options are the heart and soul of the house. Both factors should work in tandem with each other, without having to worry about either.

In order to preserve life’s precious moments, rigid flooring has emerged as the right choice for people who want to live these moments always. While solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring might lose the battle with kids, rigid flooring can emerge victoriously and give you the right amount of help and support to keep your floors looking as good as new for years and years to come.

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