What to Do with Furniture When Getting New Floors?

Treating your house with brand new flooring might be a tough decision to make, but the tougher decision is to understand what to do with the existing flooring during the installation phase. You might have decided to install solid oak flooring or engineered oak flooring within your house.

Despite being an exciting time for you and your family, installing new floors is a tedious task, and it needs to be performed with utmost precision. So, what can you do with the furniture in the house, while getting your new floors installed?

Answering these few questions can help make the installation process easier and carefree.

Handling furniture at the time of installing new floors

  • What is the scope of the new flooring project? Are you getting new floors for the entire house, or just in a small portion? If you are planning to get a small portion of the house revamped only, then you can simply move the furniture from the room to another part of the house, while the installation is underway. If the whole house’s flooring is to be changed, then you might have to look up a storage facility which can accommodate the furniture in one go. Alternatively, you can get the floors installed room by room, and adjust the furniture accordingly.
  • Move furniture around: Utilising the available space might be a task, but nonetheless, it can help you secure your furniture in the best possible manner. Moving furniture around brings its own set of challenges, which can be best be handled by proper management and an organised layout plan.
  • Short-Term Storage: Storage units are often a very good option, especially when you are looking for a short-term storage option. These units can often provide the required storage space, thereby allowing you to relocate your furniture temporarily, as you go about getting your installation in place. Once the installation is complete, you can bring the furniture back to the house again. These short-term rentals can prove to be a big help for you in your time of need.
  • Will your floor installers help you move furniture? During the installation procedures, proper care needs to be taken while moving furniture. This is important with respect to ensuring that the furniture hobs don’t scratch the old or new floors during installation. If the installers are helping you move furniture, then chances are you would be able to adjust everything and get the flooring installed one room at a time.

Ideally, it would be best to take the floors apart room by room, and then carry out the new installations to avoid any untoward situations.

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