How to prevent hardwood floors from fading over time?

No matter whatever steps one takes, hardwoods will fade over time. However, if you can’t prevent it, why not try to delay the process, so that your solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring last for the longest periods of time.

Why do hardwood floors fade over a period?

Direct sunlight: Direct sunlight can often be an unavoidable factor, simply because it has an instant effect on your floor’s colors. While UV rays are harmful to humans, they are equally harmful to your floors as well. Keep your floors covered, wherever and whenever possible, use blinds in the house and keep the window screens down to avoid sun’s rays.

Moisture damage: While entertaining, one of your friends might end up spilling wine onto your floors. On other occasions, any kind of waterlogging on the floor’s surface, or water spills can really mess up your floor’s surface. This not only leads to color fading, but it can also cause a series of other issues, if not addressed immediately.

How to prevent hardwood flooring from fading?

While hardwood flooring is inevitable, nevertheless, there are a few steps which can go a long way in helping you slow down the process.

  1. Keep changing the position of your furniture and accessories: As a starting point, you need to start switching your furniture pieces around, which might include any kind of rugs and carpets. This way, different parts of the room will get the same exposure to the sun, so that there is no uneven fading in places.
  2. Use shades and blinds on your windows: UV rays can really go a long way in speeding up the fading process. However, one can limit the amount of sunlight filtering in through the doors and windows. Make use of blinds, window screens, and other blockers to filter in the sun’s rays. This way, the limited amount of sunlight can really help keep your floor’s colors intact, for longer periods of time.
  3. Refinishing regularly: Refinish your hardwood floor’s surface at regular intervals of time. Through the process of refinishing, you can ensure the worn off layer is removed, and the inner layers are brought out, thereby helping you to keep the colors intact at all points of time.

Discuss with experts: Last but not least, you need to reach out to the experts to help you with possible solutions. Hardwood floor’s experts will help you with effective solutions to nip the problem in the bud while helping maintain the colors of your solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring.

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