How to protect hardwood floors from rain?

Hardwood floors render a marvelous beauty in your home. Not only does wooden flooring enhance your magnificent interiors and create an aesthetic setting in your home, but it also blends with your interiors. Even though solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring magnify your charming house; nevertheless, they are pretty sensitive to the outside atmosphere and environment. 

Protecting wooden flooring from rains

Many people worry about their solid oak flooring during the rainy season as wood tends to absorb moisture. These floorings tend to expand because of the unwanted water on the floor, ruining the beautiful framing altogether. 

So how can you protect hardwood floors from rain? 

Here are some simple yet efficient tips of protection: 

Check for Water Leakage

During the rainy season, any water leakage in your house will result in water spillages on the wooden floor. Check for water leakages in your home, especially below the floors. Check for cracks on the terrace floors, plumbing issues in the attached bathrooms, and malfunction of electrical appliances. These issues can cause water pooling on the floor.

Absorbent Mats are your friend

Decorating your wooden floors with carpets and rugs is never a good idea as it may leave a stubborn stain, especially if the carpet or rugs become wet. The stubborn stain is enough to ruin your wooden floor. You need a fitted non-slip rubber backing mat that absorbs all the moisture and leaves no stain on the wooden floors.

If many people live in a house or welcome many guests during the rainy season, do not forget to remove those carpets and replace them with absorbent mats. 

Keep it dry

If it’s the rainy season, wet footwear, umbrellas, dripping clothes, and raincoats are pretty common in the house. However, it’s best to leave your wet rain accessories outside before entering the house. 

If your entryway is made from engineered oak flooring, don’t forget to use absorbent mats. It’s good to rub off the mud from the footwear too. 


No matter how much people love the rainy season, let’s face it, water dripping on your wooden floor is not a good idea. Try these tips, and your beautiful hardwood floors will stay magnificent for a longer period of time. Asking for some professional suggestions from suppliers like Nexus Flooring can help you better understand the requirements of wooden floorings and help you keep them safe in all seasons.

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