How to Select Indoor-Outdoor Flooring

Nature has its own level of tranquility, which can be imbibed inside the house with the right type of flooring. Since the inside and the outside need to match, it is important to choose a type of flooring which will merge and create a seamless bridge between the inside and the outside.

The flooring within a house is the most crucial aspect, which needs a lot of precision and proper planning. The indoors and outdoors are interconnected, which means that there should be an adequate balance between the flooring options for all types of weather conditions.

In an ideal situation, here are some ways in which you can bring close harmony between the inside and the outside.

  • Bring the outside inside: In order to recreate the effect of the outside in the interiors, you can use flagstones inside the house as well. Flagstones are a durable flooring option and can go well with any kind of interiors. However, flagstones are a porous flooring option, so you might need to cover them up with a layer of sealant to avoid any untoward accidents later. You can use a solvent-based sealant for the indoors and outdoors. This way, the outside flooring will be protected from rains and other weather conditions, while the inside flooring will be saved from other forms of accidents in the kitchen and other rooms. 
  • Blurring boundaries: Blurring the boundary is another option which is becoming increasingly famous with people looking to fuse the indoors and the outdoors. This trick can be implemented by using one material for most of the kitchens. Towards the end of the boundary line, you can use the same material as the outside, to create a running flooring variety. You can use a variety of materials, ranging from teak, to limestone to herringbone brick pattern and parquet flooring inside.
  • Hardwood flooring: Hardwood flooring, like solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring might work indoors, but not outdoors. If you prefer hardwood flooring for the indoors and outdoors, you might need to invest in different types of wooden flooring. One type of flooring will not work inside and outside. Go for weathered teak outside, while oak flooring can be used inside. Match the grains towards the boundaries, to ensure that you have cohesion inside and outside. The better the matching of the grains, the better would be the symmetry on the inside and outside.

Indoors and outdoors are extremely dynamic, but the flooring must be perfect to keep the symmetry alike. The better the choice of flooring, the better would be the whole layout.

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