How to Use Leftover Wood Flooring for Creative Design Ideas?

You don’t have to throw away those scraps of leftover solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring. Installing a new floor is bound to leave you with some planks, which can be put to good use. When you are remodelling, there is always a chance for a lot of leftover wood, which should not be wasted.

Here are some ideas which can help you make good use of these wood pieces:

  1. Install and use them as Wainscoting:

Once the base moldings removed, you can cut tongue-and-groove planks to vertical lengths and glue them to the wall using construction adhesive. Toenail each tongue at the top and bottom; reinstall the base trim.

  • Create a doormat for a sheltered area

Cut lengths to about 18 inches; drill four evenly spaced ¼-inch holes on each side of the plank. String pieces of rope through these holes and tie half a hitch between each board. Do the same process at the ends of the planks too.

  • Make a T-Square

All you need to do is lay short piece perpendicular to the top of a longer length. Fix this with nuts and bolts. Use the T to draw layout lines on sheets, for using as a cutting guide.

  • Create a cabinet door

This can be done with unfinished planks; make sure you cut off the tongues. Arrange the boards groove-side to capture the panel, which can further be secured with glue and screws.

  • Create a Cleat

If you have to hang a heavy object, cut two pieces of flooring, screw one piece groove-side down to the back of the object. Fasten the second length to the wall, while making sure you hit at least two studs. Once done, lower the object onto the mounted piece resting on the groove.

  • Create a feature wall

This depends solely on how much wood is leftover from your flooring endeavours. Take the wooden flooring and stick it on the wall. The varying colours will create a beautiful story, with contrasting colours. Alternatively, it can even take centre stage and stand out from the rest of the room.

  • Craft decorative shelving units

If you are on the lookout for additional storage but are not interested in spending your hard-earned money to buy/install new shelves for the house, you can use your leftover flooring to create decorative storage space on the walls. Let your imagination run free and wild and create an aesthetically pleasing wall piece for your house.

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