Ideal flooring options for pet owners looking to renovate their houses

Dog owners are always on the lookout for some of the best flooring options for their homes. Even though solid oak flooring seems like a plausible option, it’s not the preferred choice for pet owners. Simply, solid oak flooring scratches easily, and can’t bear the wear and tear caused by pet’s nails.

Does this mean pet owners can’t enjoy some of the best flooring options in the market? This does not have to be the case necessarily; there are a lot of options in the market, which make it worthwhile for pet owners.

If you too are a pet owner looking for a durable option for your home, then you can refer to the following options:

Poured and sealed concrete

Concrete is sturdy, it can resist all kinds of scratches, and is extremely easy to clean in case of spills and other accidents. On top of this, it does not collect pet fur, which makes it one of the best options for pet owners.  Concrete flooring gives off a strong industrial vide, which makes the whole concept extremely fashionable and stylish.  However, it can be a little cold and hard in the winter, which proves to be its only downside. It will work wonderfully with your pets, as you kiss scratches, pet stains, and spill issues goodbye.

Tiled flooring

Tile is yet another option for people who want to enjoy the comfort of good flooring with their pets. Available in a series of designs, shapes, and sizes, tiles are durable and can be a good flooring option for people who want a little more out of their flooring. Tiles are easy to clean; however, if your four-legged friend has bladder control issues, then tiled flooring might not be a good option for your house.

Luxury vinyl

Keep your floors looking pristine by installing luxury vinyl in your homes. This kind of flooring is extremely durable, long-lasting, and even resistant to scratches and dents. Luxury vinyl flooring mutes the clicking sounds of your pet’s nails on flooring, which is another plus point. Vinyl flooring comes in a series of designs, and they can even mimic real wood, which makes it look authentic and classy.

Laminated flooring might be an artificial wooden flooring option but it’s extremely strong. The sealant layer makes it scratch proof; however, it can still be damaged by liquid if it’s left for too long. Laminate flooring is less expensive than wood, tile, and even concrete. If you decide to go for laminated flooring, then you should choose a textured design, to ensure your pets don’t slip on the surface.

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