Interior Design Trends in 2022

Each new year brings freshness, excitement, and a demand for change. Things kept stagnant can add lull to one’s life. Thus it’s time for rejuvenation.

With the stress of Pandemic and Covid, life has become a battle full of ups and downs; people restricted to their homes have made their homes and their décor a priority. 

While restricted to our homes in the UK, let’s see how we can still add fun and colour to our life with Nexus Flooring.

Let us explore the trendy home and flooring trends for 2022:

  • Warm, Rich colours add colour to your life

To keep up with the Pandemic, one needs a high “Staying Power.”

If rich in colour, our floors add vibrancy and joy to one’s life. With the Oak used as the central timber by Nexus Flooring, you can now dye your floors from the darkest hue of brown to the tangiest red.

 All are available at your disposal if you want a smokey brown wood floor tone or a bleached whitewashed floor tone.

So be ready to explore the VIBGYOR and add colour to your life with Nexus Flooring

  • Wide Planks with unusual abstract designs

One’s mind needs creativity and innovation to poke its visual interests.

With the onset of 2022 demanding a change in our lives and homes, one is looking forward to out of the blue unusual patterns and designs.

Patterns like the Herringbone pattern, Chevron pattern, or the Basket-weave pattern are the need of the hour, with their beautiful mixed patterns triggering the creativity in us and adding visual pleasure for all

  • The Expression of the needed Luxury

A new year is a year full of change, but this change is a luxurious one. People restricted to their houses are missing the channel to explore their wanderlust. We are missing the hotels and the lavish vacations; we are missing us travelling to new places and experiencing royalty.

Thus the trend is to make our homes luxurious and find the Avant grande factor at home, at our doorstep in the UK.

Classic tiles and Vinyl Flooring have become mainstream for us. The demand of the hour is rich, classy, luxurious hardwood flooring that will add warmth and the missing royalty to our life.

With Nexus Flooring, you can add the classic, timeless Wood Flooring of the best quality to your home that too at the best prices.

These are the few trends that you need to keep up within 2022. But you don’t have to worry; We got you covered.

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