Most Common Wooden Flooring Damages

Hardwood floors might be everyone’s favorite, but it has its own set of flaws, which make it susceptible to different types of damages. If you have children and pets in your house, rest assured your floors are not going to remain damage free for a very long time. Add possibilities of water damage caused by spills, leakage, body fluid, etc. and you will have another set of issues to address eventually.

Let’s check out some of the common damages our usual hardwood floorings are prone to and understand how each problem affects solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring surfaces.


Probably, scratches are one of the most common set of problems which hardwood floors are prone to. Scratches can be caused by high heel shoes or dragging heavy equipment/furniture across the surface.  Most of the times, only the surface is scratched, which can be cured by applying wax to the affected area and finishing it off by buffing. If the scratch is deep, you can use steel wool to remove the scratch, followed by waxing and buffing.


Accidents are common in homes, which means that one can drop heavy objects on the wooden floors. As soon as a heavy object falls on hardwood flooring, chances are it would create a dent on the floor’s surface. Dents are best taken care by flooring experts; depending on the depth of the dent, either you can try to take some steps at home to get rid of the dent or reach out to experts, if the need arises.

Pet accidents

If you have pets, it would be a challenge to keep the floors damage free. Since you can’t control pet accidents, it would often prove to be difficult to instantly potty train your pet. In such cases, it is most advisable to clean any pet accidents with immediate effect. Sanding can remove some of the lighter stains; however deeper stains might need a more intensive repairing approach, which would again require you to bring in the experts eventually.

Water damages

Water damages are yet another troublesome cause for floor damages. Wooden floors tend to expand when exposed to water over long periods of time. If not expansions, it can also cause the floor boards to decay, often causing the boards to rise from the edges. Either way, the floors would become difficult to manage, which means that the experts would need to be brought in, either to change the floors or repair the existing floor boards.

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