Moving Furniture on Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors, no matter if they are solid oak flooring, or engineered oak flooring, are susceptible to damage, especially when you are trying to move furniture around. Having said that, a lot of investment goes into installing hardwood flooring. Even though it might seem quite tempting to just slide your furniture across the floors, rest assured, it will do more damage than anything else.

Always remember, dragging your furniture without the proper protection is a strict no-no, especially when it comes to moving couches, tables, desks, drawers or any other piece of furniture.

Here are some tips to keep your flooring intact while moving your furniture from one part of the house to another.

  1. Take your furniture apart, if possible: Most of the times, furniture pieces fit into each other like pieces of a puzzle. If you can disassemble your furniture before relocating it, your floors will really appreciate it. This way, the work might seem a lot, but it is necessary for keeping your floors in shape and scratch free. For example, you can disassemble your bed’s frame, headboard, mattress, and put everything back, once you have moved the individual pieces to the desired location. 
  2. Use blankets or carpets to move heavy furniture: At the time of moving furniture, try and move it with the help of professional moving blankets. Wrap your furniture in these, before moving them across the room, if you are unable to pick up the furniture. The blankets will buffer the weight put on the floors and avoid any unwanted scratches on your floor’s surface.
  3. Furniture sliders or gliders are an essential item: When you have wrapped up your furniture in moving blankets, you can purchase sliders or gliders to drag the furniture from one place to another. Sliders are special pads made from plastic, rubber or even felt, that fit in neatly below the furniture’s legs. Glide away merrily, as you bid adieu to scratches.
  4. Take it slow: Despite having blankets and sliders, you don’t want to rush through the whole moving process. Pick up furniture wherever possible; if you are dragging it across the room, make sure you do so slowly so that the blow to the hardwood flooring is minimal.

Rent professional services: As a last resort, if DIY is just not your cup of tea, it is best to hire professionals to help you with the moving process. While this might not seem to be an ideal situation, it can go a long way in helping you preserve the sanity of your hardwood flooring.

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