Which Type of Wood Floor is Ideal, Engineered or Solid?

Engineered or Solid? The debate surrounding Engineered Oak Wood Flooring Vs Solid Oak Wood Flooring focuses on Quantity vs Quality but Nexusflooring is here to change your perspective.

The following points of contention stand. Let us address them point by point-

  • Aesthetics- Who doesn’t want the home of their dreams with a classy wooden flooring to make your home luxurious and timeless. Solid Wood Flooring is a pure piece of wood thoroughly which is drawn into planks for installation. This uses the least amount of glue and gives that an authentic look that improves with age. 

But the Engineered Wood Flooring is not far behind. This consists of ply layers various solid wood layers stuck together which have a Veneer on top. This provides the same classy rich look but with more affordability.

  • Cost vs quality- Engineered Wood Flooring is more affordable compared with Solid Wood flooring. But with Nexusflooring providing the best quality of Oak Flooring at the most affordable prices this issue doesn’t standstill. At Nexusflooring it is not Cost Vs Quality but COST WITH QUALITY
  • Durability- Our classic Solid Wood Flooring is less durable when it comes to moisture. It is prone to the risk of compression and expansion compared to Engineered Wood Flooring that can be easily sanded down and with extra layers avoids moisture. But Nexusflooring using Oak as the real hard timber wood provides the best option out of all to avoid dampening, termites, or expansion making your flooring timeless.
  • Maintenance- Things last when they are cared for. With the Quality that we provide, you can enjoy the warmth and richness of wooden flooring for ages to come. Just be a little cautious and the wooden flooring will last for a lifetime.
  • Installation- Your time is valuable to us. Engineered Wood Flooring is easier and faster to install compared to solid wood flooring. But can one expedite beauty?

The answer is no. 

Thus faster or slower what is more important is the quality that one installs.

So, do we really need an Ideal Wood Flooring between Solid and Engineered? No.

There is no clear winner here. Both are unique and fulfilling in their own being. The customer is always right, thus with clear guidance and choice, you can make the right decision for yourself.

What we can suggest is either a compromise with installations of Engineered Wood Flooring in bathrooms and kitchens and Solid Wood Flooring at the heart of your house. 

Your needs are our priority. Our dream is to make your dreams come true. We want you to have a perfect warm luxurious home. Thus either its Engineered Wood Flooring or Solid Wood Flooring we will go in with the best quality.

You are just one click away from the classy warm home you have always dreamt of. Check for yourself. Click here and ask for a free sample today.

Still, have doubts? Why don’t you call us at 00447587876661, we’ll be delighted to answer your queries.

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