Why is engineered oak flooring an ideal option for high traffic areas?

Many office owners ask this pertinent question, “Is engineered oak flooring an ideal option for office floorings, and other areas with high traffic? In an ideal situation, engineered flooring is the answer to your problems. If you are looking for a suitable flooring option for areas with high foot traffic, then engineered oak flooring is the better option, as compared to solid oak flooring.

Here’s why engineered oak flooring can do wonders for your office areas:

  1. It’s almost hardwood flooring: We are not talking about faux wood here; engineered flooring resembles hardwood flooring closely, since the top layer is 100% wood. The top layer in engineered flooring can be any type of wood, including an oak layer, which gives the opportunity to design the wooden planks as per the interiors of the office.
  2. Long lasting wooden planks: Probably, one of the best things about engineered flooring is that is it long lasting and extremely durable. For areas with high traffic, rest assured engineered oak flooring is built to resist pressure, which makes it an excellent choice for office areas. Since engineered wood is made from different layers of wood, it automatically becomes sturdy and tough. Engineered flooring is also one of the best scratch proof floor types in the market currently.
  3. Different finishes, different looks: Engineered flooring comes in different finishes and looks, which makes this flooring option an excellent choice for office flooring and areas with high traffic. You can customize the top-layer, and top it with a finish of your choice.
  4. Withstand temperature changes: As compared to solid oak flooring, engineered flooring can withstand temperature changes with ease. Unlike any other type of wooden flooring, engineered flooring does not expand or contract with weather changes, making it ideal for areas with high weather impact.
  5. Cost effective: Engineered wood flooring fits in well in all types of budgets, which allows you to make good first impressions on the onlookers. Even though it looks like solid oak flooring, engineered flooring will always give the viewers a good layout.

Engineered flooring is a good DIY material, which simply means you don’t have to wait extensively to install it in the premises. Add cost savings and durability to the list and you have a clear winner on your hands. Install engineered flooring in high traffic areas, and you can stop worrying about changing your floors for a few years, at the least.

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