10 Benefits & Usefulness of Engineered Oak Flooring

10 Benefits & Usefulness of Engineered Oak Flooring


Engineered Hardwood flooring is very much accepted and solicited flooring options these days. At Nexus Flooring, we are often asked by the customers about the usefulness and benefits of Engineered Oak Flooring. So, here are the core points describing the benefits of Engineered Oak Flooring.


1. It looks as natural as true wood: One of the best part of engineered wood flooring is that it looks similar to natural wood. Not welcomed in the same way, when it was first introduced in the market in comparison to solid oak wood, but now its rudest complainers also can't ignore the benefits. Even the wood flooring experts may feel doubted while finding the difference between the good quality engineered wood floor and solid wood.


2. It is durable and trusted product: The manufacturing of engineered wood flooring is strong and durable as it is a combination of layers of plywood and then the top layer in the sequence is added. This leads the engineered oak flooring boards being the toughest and durable enough to carry the heavy footfalls in both commercial and domestic environment.


3. It does not get affected by the environment causing it to contract or expand as compared to solid wood: This is one of the major advantages of the engineered oak flooring over the solid oak flooring. It is so well constructed that it does not expand and contract like solid oak flooring. This means that engineered wood flooring is successful where solid oak flooring fails. For example, bathroom and kitchen environment are not stable where temperature and moisture level changes rapidly, here, the right engineered wood flooring comes as a saviour.


4. Engineered Flooring is flexible enough to be re-sanded and refinished: Engineered wood flooring can be re-sanded during the lifetime as many times as you want it to be depending on the thickness of the top layer. Re-sanding brings back the tired wood flooring into the life as a new eliminating marks and scratches from the surface. After re-sanding is done, you can refinish the flooring into any new look you want making it a totally new wooden flooring again.


5. It is available in the complete range of grades and finishes: You can select from the wide range of shades and grades whichever suits your home decor. So there is a complete option for you to choose from the variety of top budget to low budget engineered wood flooring.


6. It is really easy to install the engineered wooden flooring. Nowadays, coming with so many options, it is a quick lay process. You can either use a professional installation or DIY it, depending on your choice.The success of the engineered flooring is because it can be installed anywhere. You can install on the ground level, above or below ground level.


7. The cost of maintenance is really very low for engineered wooden flooring.


8. Engineered wood flooring, you can say is an Eco-friendly product as none of it is sawed but sliced thus saving it from the wastage.


9. Engineered oak flooring is less expensive then other flooring options: If you choose the top product of solid oak flooring it would cost you a huge deal as compared to the engineered oak flooring top oiled quality product.



10. Engineered floors can be fitted on any sort of a subfloor like ceramic roofing or vinyl decks.



Therefore, now you have a lot of knowledge on Engineered Hardwood Flooring and the benefits of installing the one at your home.

Let us know, what were your experience with the Engineered Flooring.


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