5 Best flooring options for Dining Spaces

A dining space in a home is the best place to be especially after a long day at work. Food and its taste is important but more important is the ambience in which the entire family gets together to have food. In reality, the dining space is the only room when families meet because throughout the day, busy schedules keep them away from gathering together. Thus a dining space has to be very neatly decorated and have a flawless architecture. Flooring is one of the most important aspects of a room’s architecture and thus it should be chosen and laid out with utmost importance.

Some of the best flooring options for dining room are given below.

1.      Solid Oak Floor – this type of floor has the ideal wooding in the form of oak wood. Oak wood is hard in nature and is resilient to water damage. Therefore spills on the floor or a piece of food particle will cause a permanent damage. Though this type of flooring does not have much of a decorative value, a basic wood like this will always serve to be long lasting flooring.

2.      Brushed Oak Engineered Floor – a brushed floor always gives out a special feeling for flooring. Oak wood when brushed retains the quality even after a long periods owning to its hardness. Also, it has a very high tannin content due to which fungal infections will never accumulate in the cracks. The brushed oak wood look gives an antique look to the flooring and can be couple ideally with wooden antique furniture for the dining room.

3.      Lacquered Oak Engineered Floor– lacquered wood floor is ideal for dining rooms which has a young family. This type of wood flooring gives a shiny look and the lacquer protects the wood from any kind of damage. Glass table tops and wrought iron furniture perfectly complements this kind of flooring.

4.      Oiled Walnut Flooring – walnut is a very hard kind of wood with a very dark hue to it. It is also resilient to erosion and corrosion and this ideally suited for dining space flooring which is bound to get washed and cleaned every day. This type of wood is ideally paired with leather chairs and glass table tops. Off white wall colors can be used on the walls for this kind of flooring.

5.      Walnut Flooring – Walnut is very hard in nature and the smoked treatment gives it a very dark color to it.  Walnut can be used with white colored furniture for the dining room as it perfectly contrasts the color of the floor.

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