Latest Antique Flooring Styles

Antique flooring always gives a very classic look to the flooring of the house. It is most ideally suited for houses made of stones. Equally suitable are for wood houses which needs to be given an antique flavor to its interiors. Various types of woods are available in different shapes. It also can be given different styles of finishing so that the ideal look and finishing of the floor can be reached.

Some of the latest antique flooring techniques can be achieved with the following combinations.

1.      Smoked Walnut Wood Flooring – walnut is a very hard wood and a very dark color to it. Smoked walnut has an absolutely black color and thus can be contrasted with light colored walls and white furniture. Large windows and glass walls also add to the effect of antiqueness, which can be complimented with antique items on display. An advantage of smoked wood is that the inner parts of the wood is also black in color and thus upon erosion of the surface wood, the color does not fade away instantly.

2.      Oiled Walnut Wood Flooring – walnut is a black colored wood and it instantly gives a feeling of antiqueness whenever a person sees it. The oiled finish gives it smooth surface and is ideal for the living room or the drinking room, where friends and family gather. The oak wood speaks of the taste and liking of the house owner, and thus is an ideal choice for antique setting.

3.      Brushed Oiled Walnut Wood – brushed finishing of walnut wood creates a very interesting pattern on the flooring. It brings out the dark hue of the floor and the oiling finish adds a sparkling and rich flavor to the floor. This kind of floor is ideal for the bedroom where a large footfall is not expected. Maintenance of this kind of flooring is very important and should be done with the help of experts.

4.      Brushed Oak Wood Flooring – since oak wood has a light color associated with it, thus a brushed look will bring out the antiqueness and aesthetic value of the architecture. This kind of flooring can be coupled with dark colored furniture and is ideal flooring for the reading rooms or the library.

5.      Solid Oak Wood Flooring – Oak wood is a very durable wood and thus it is ideal for areas with a very high footfall but an antique look is necessary. It can withstand heavy usage and therefore can be used for corridors and passage ways where regular cleaning will be required. 

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