5 Flooring Materials for Pet Owners

Pets and hardwood floors just don’t go together. Or do they? Their adorable eyes might be stealing the show, but their sharp nails can wreak havoc on your solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring. When you have furry friends in a house with wooden flooring, you need to go the extra mile to dog proof your floors.

So does this mean that you can’t have hardwood flooring when you have pets? Well, this does not have to be the case, especially if you have installed some of the pet friendlier versions in your house. Here are some of the pet friendlier options that help you bake your cake and eat it too (figuratively speaking, of course).

  1. Cork: Cork is a green flooring material; apart from that, it is an antimicrobial and hypoallergenic flooring material. Simply put, this would mean a cork flooring will minimize the growth of bacteria, mold and even some other types of allergens, which are found in carpeted flooring. Cork flooring is an easy lay within the house; it’s soft to walk on and your pet’s paws will also love the texture. On top of that, this type of flooring is even scratch resistant. While it is a water-resistant option, it can’t be considered a waterproof alternative for wooden flooring. You would still need to clean the poop, pee, and other pet wastes immediately, to avoid any unwanted damages to the flooring.
  2. Textured laminated flooring: Laminated flooring is visually appealing and it goes well with any type of interiors. Some designs within the laminated category even resemble wooden flooring. It is a durable option, which is even scratch resistant. However, if you have pets around, you might need to top up this flooring with some rugs for your pooch to sit on, as the flooring can be extremely slippery. Your pets might slip and fall, which might make the rugs come in handy.
  3. Vinyl: If you are looking for an option which is waterproof, comfortable to sit on, and inexpensive, then vinyl will fit your budget perfectly. Bearing a strong resemblance to cork flooring, vinyl comes in various shades, shapes, and designs, which will make it a perfect flooring option for your house.
  4. Stone flooring: Probably one of the best things about stone flooring is that it does not scratch that easily. When you have pets in the house, you need a scratch resistant flooring option, which can bear the daily wear and tear of your furry friend’s paws. However, this flooring option is a little expensive, which can be a little heavy for your pocket.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles: Like stone flooring, even ceramic and porcelain tiles are rather easy to clean. There will not be endless damage to the tiles, even in case of spillage, or in the case of pets, pee, and other waste. Add cost effectiveness to the list and you will have another good option added to your flooring list. The only drawback with these tiles is that these tiles can get cold, which might be a little difficult for your pets to sleep on. You might want to buy some rugs, to make your pets a little more comfortable.

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