All You need to Know about Hand Scraped Solid Wood Flooring

Over the last decade, Hand Scraped Solid wood or Hardwood flooring is the first choice among the customers who want to have a different look for their house. People with taste love to have the “Old Worn Look” and that is what the scraped solid wood flooring copies or imitates. Years before, it was an expensive process. To have distressed wood flooring, the skilled labourers have to actually scrape the house flooring by hand and then give a coveted worn out look to the house. It was not only a difficult task to find skilled people, but was also a very expensive one.

New Trend in Hand Scraped Solid Wood Flooring:

Hand scraped solid wood floor has become the most sought after interior among those who want to have an impression of worn out flooring. With time things have changed and new technology has cropped in. It is no more as expensive as it used to be. All thanks to the introduction of the machine hand scraped wood flooring. You can have the same look of an old and worn out look without shedding much money from your wallet. You can at an affordable price achieve your dream house. The use of machine has now reduced the cost of such flooring.


Various Types:

You can find various woods that are used for hand scraped wood flooring. Few of the options are:

·      Oak

·      Walnut

·      Bamboo

·      Beech

It is also available in all kinds of finishes like brushed, lacquered and unfinished one. You can also select your favourite shade and colour and have hand scraped flooring. You have the option to sand down hand scraped flooring to make it long lasting.


One of the major advantages of such a floor is that you can hardly notice the defect or scratch on the floor when compared to the smooth texture lacquered surface. The reason behind so is the reflection of light. The light bounces off the floor in an even dimension, but in hand scraped one, the ridges make the light bounce at different angles. So you can hardly notice the defects. Few other advantages are:

·      Unique appearance: The flooring gives a unique look to your home and thus adds a wow factor. The distressed look adds a character to your room and the entire house. The floor changes its appearance with the light levels, thus adding a shine to the room.

·      Durability:   Any kind of defects gets hidden because of uneven look and so regular scratches and dents are not a big issue for the homeowners. Small flaws cannot take away the beauty of this hand scraped wooden floor.

Because of its durability, it is easy to maintain and installing the flooring is sure to give you the best service.

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