Tips and Tricks to Maintain Oiled Oak Flooring

If you have wooden oiled oak flooring, you have the best piece of decoration for your home. Wooden flooring can change the look of the entire house and make it look stylish. It makes your house look elegant because of its rich texture. Installation of oak flooring is not sufficient; you need to know how to maintain the rich look of the oiled oak flooring. If the floor is not maintained, it can give you a difficult time. Regular maintenance is very much required to keep the polished look of the flooring.

Maintenance of the Oiled Oak Floor:

The first and the foremost thing to remember about oiled flooring is that it loses its shine because of dust and dirt. Cleaning the dust on a regular basis is very important to retain its shine and glow. Daily cleaning makes the floor more hardwearing. The steps to follow while cleaning are:

·      Remove the dirt with the help of a brush. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the surface of the floor.

·       To clean the dirt, use oiled floor cleaning soap. This soap is specifically made to clean oiled wooden surfaces, furniture and all kinds of indoor wood. This highly concentrated soap coats the floor with an invisible film and thus provides extra protection. It thus helps to make the floor dirt resistant.

·      Refresh your oiled floor with a flooring refresher at least once or twice in a year. If you feel there is more dirt, you must do it frequently to give your floor a rejuvenating look. The refresher gives a long lasting life to your favourite wooden floor.

Techniques to use the Floor Cleaning Soap:

To get the maximum benefit of the floor cleaning soap, following the below mentioned steps are very much essential.

·      Shake the bottle before pouring the content in the bucket.

·      Take lukewarm water in a bucket and mix 250 ml of the content (10 l of water) and then make a thin coating on the floor with a mop or a cloth.

·      Rinse the mop in another bucket filled with water and then you are supposed to wipe the floor completely dry.

·      Never ever wipe the floor after using the soap with water as it tends to remove the protective oil that is mixed with the floor cleaning soap.


Few Handy Tips:

To have a more long lasting oiled oak floor, you must try to keep it covered from direct heat as it tends to discolour. Even walking with pointed shoes must be completely avoided to prevent scars on the floor.

Use the above guidelines to get a long lasting and shiny wooden floor from

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