Best Flooring for Laundry Room

The laundry room in your house isn’t the type of room where you can have beautiful carpets or expensive solid oak flooring. Simply put, the floor under your washing machine not only needs to resist staining, wear and tear, but it also needs to withstand moisture and be waterproof.

Interior designers often install vinyl flooring in the laundry rooms; but rest assured, vinyl does not need to be the only choice for the coveted room. If you are not a fan of sheet vinyl, you can go for tiled vinyl or even planks.

Choosing vinyl as one of the options for your laundry room

The laundry room could be subject to standing water, which can permanently damage wool carpeting, hardwood, and laminated flooring. Vinyl, as a flooring option, is highly durable, and it is an ideal option for a high traffic area like the laundry room. Moreover, vinyl is cost-effective, and you can install it on your own, without bothering to hire a contractor to do the needful. The only need of the hour is to ensure you have a clean subfloor before you go about installing vinyl flooring.

Tile flooring is yet another option for your laundry room

Like vinyl, there is another durable option that can be used in the laundry room. Tiles, ceramic and porcelain tile floorings are an ideal option for those who want to invest in a colorful flooring option for the laundry room.  Tiles are easy to clean, can withstand debris and water, and are an ideal solution for wet areas like the laundry room, which has high moisture content. You have a wide range of options in tiles and are easy to clean, making them a wonderful choice after vinyl for the laundry room.

Concrete flooring is the default option

Concrete flooring might be the default option for your laundry room, and you won’t even need to bother about putting tiles or vinyl flooring on top of the concrete flooring. Most of the time, concrete flooring is waterproof, durable, easy to clean and it can be acidly etched, in case you want to give it a better look and feel.

There are a series of options that can be installed in the laundry room. While engineered oak flooring might be one of the last options available, it is highly suggested to avoid installing hardwood flooring in the laundry room. The high moisture content, the standing water, and the high traffic might eventually wear off your flooring and cause it to bend under the pressure.

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