Top 2020 Flooring Trends

It’s 2020, and we are already down by 1.5 months. As the year has changed, why shouldn’t the flooring trends change with it? If you are planning to change the flooring in your house, and want to know what’s in and what’s not, then you must read on to check out some of the top 2020 flooring trends.

  1. Wood-like porcelain tiles: Solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring might still be every homeowner’s favourite, but then wooden flooring look-alike tiles are rapidly changing the way flooring trends are influencing the consumer’s choices. Available in a series of designs, any homeowner would mistake them for real wood, which makes these tiles an absolute must for people who don’t want to invest in wooden flooring. While engineered oak flooring preferred over solid oak flooring, such imitation porcelain tiles are changing the outlook and replacing the wooden floors at a fast pace.
  2. Fumed wooden flooring: More or less, all types of wooden flooring undergo staining procedures to give them different types of finish. On the contrary, fumed wooden flooring gets its richness and grain feeling without undergoing any kind of staining. Through the process of fuming, wooden flooring is placed in a chamber, wherein ammonia fumes are released into the air. The wood further reacts with ammonia and goes through a colour change. In short, ammonia is responsible for the colour changes in the wood, which awards it with the varying stains and grainy designs.
  3. Distressed wood: Distressed wooden flooring has been around for a while now; however, it has gained popularity in recent years only. Distressed flooring undergoes various levels of artificial ageing, which gives it a worn-out look. If you are looking for a rustic look in your house, then distressed flooring is ideal for homeowners. Each edge of these wooden planks is hand-scraped, swirled and further kerf markings are added to each plank, to add a rustic look to each plank.
  4. Vintage black and white: in 2020, black and white tiles are making a comeback, and homeowners can’t keep calm any longer. With their bold, graphical designs, these tiles are adding luxury to the homeowner’s houses. You can use different shapes, sizes and designs so that there is something unique in your house at the end of the day.

Flooring trends for 2020 are changing, and there is a different story being told this year. As the trends change, homeowners are in for a surprise, especially when it comes to flooring.

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