Can wood flooring keep a house cooler during summer?

Summers can be a little too hot, sapping your house of the energy and causing it to heat up immensely. The flooring of your house plays an important role in keeping it cool during summers and warm during winters. But the fact worth considering is, which type of wood can come to your rescue when the summers are at their peak, and everything is beginning to heat up beyond control?

Wooden flooring is not adept at keeping your homes cool during the summer season. Simply put, solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring will not really aid your energy bills. However, wood is a good heat retainer, it will be an excellent choice for flooring in the winter seasons. Having said that, what is the best flooring option to keep your house cool during the summer season?

Tiled flooring

Tiles are a good option for people who want to keep their house cool and save on their air conditioner bills. Not only tiles are made of a good heat resistant material, but they also look good as a flooring option. Simply put, imagine walking on a nice, cool flooring, without having to keep the air conditioner on throughout the day. Tiles are available in a series of sizes and colors, making it a good option for people who want to design their houses in a very snazzy, yet energy efficient manner.

Marble flooring

Marble is yet another good option for people living in areas with crude summers. Stone flooring is widely considered due to its ease of maintenance, durability, and style. It not only helps preserve the energy within the house, but it can be used as a good option to help keep the flooring intact for the homeowners. Available in a series of sizes and colors, even marble flooring has a good market, when it comes to flooring options.

Laminated flooring

The best part about laminate flooring is its ability to mimic real wood while being easy on maintenance. Its various style options have made it an excellent choice for people who want to retain the wooden look for their flooring while avoiding the hassles of maintaining wooden flooring. Laminated flooring is well suited for summers, as it does not retain heat and becomes a great addition to any household flooring. Add the option of affordability to the list of advantages and laminated flooring will emerge as a clear winner.

Summers don’t need to be feared, especially if your house is equipped with a good flooring option. Wooden flooring can act against your energy bills in summers, as it retains extensive amounts of heat, making it bit of an eyesore. Having said that, wooden flooring is still given a lot of preference by people who want to give their floors a good, rustic look. In case you still want to get wooden flooring installed in your house, then it is advisable to go for light colors, as that would help minimize the heat retention, adding that subtle coolness inside the house.

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