Choosing the right flooring for every room

Flooring is an invaluable asset for every homeowner. Given the numerous choices in the market, there is no dearth of options available to the homeowner. However, this adds to the dilemma, as it becomes increasingly difficult to select the right type of flooring for each room.

Each room in the house deserves its own special flooring options so that each room is well decorated. Every room will have different flooring needs, depending on the location and moisture levels in the environment.  Here’s how you can go about choosing the right flooring for every room in your house.

Living room

The living room, which is most commonly the family room, should be furnished with warmth and neutrality. Hardwood flooring is an ideal option for such rooms, as it is available in different colors and textures. It exudes a comfortable warmth which is usually unmatched by any other flooring type in the market.

Dining room

Dining rooms are usually one of the heavily used areas in the house. Dining rooms would tend to get more traffic than living rooms, but lesser than the kitchen area. For the dining room area, an ideal flooring should possess high durability and protection from spills and stains.

Ideally, one should consider a flooring option which is easy to clean and low on maintenance. But at the same time, the flooring should look good and elegant. You can consider engineered oak flooring or even laminated flooring for the dining room.


The kitchen area is usually one of the heavily used areas within the house. Having said that, kitchens usually have high moisture levels, which means that solid oak flooring can’t be a good option for the kitchens. In such cases, cork flooring is a well-suited flooring option for kitchens. Cork flooring is absorbent, and it can be used to work well with spills and stains.

Engineered oak flooring is yet another good option for kitchens. Engineered flooring is moisture resistant, which makes it a good flooring option for kitchens.


Like the kitchen, even bathrooms have high moisture content. Like kitchens, laminated flooring and engineered oak flooring are ideal floors for the bathroom. They are low on maintenance and can prevent slips and falls to a large extent.

Children’s Bedroom

Children’s bedrooms are the most exuberant rooms in the house. In such bedrooms, there is always an option to use bright colored flooring, which makes it easier to decorate and make it better for children. You can choose solid oak flooring, light bamboo flooring, tiles, and even stone flooring. There is a wide variety of flooring types to choose from, making the process of flooring easier and more elegant.

Master suite

When it comes to the master bedroom, don’t limit your options, just like the children’s bedrooms. Ideally, be creative, and use flooring types like stone, solid oak flooring, tiles, bamboo, or any other option which you like. By color coordinating with the flooring in the other room, you can mix and match the options which will add the required elegance in the house.

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