Engineered Oak Flooring – A Most Demanding Flooring Option

The look of polished wooden floors is a clear indicator of panache, style and good taste. If the installation expense is what keeps you awake at night, then you are in luck. Unlike solid wood floorings, engineered oak flooring is a great option for people who want to retain the beauty of hardwood flooring, while keeping their budgets intact.

Engineered wooden flooring – an option for everyone

Engineered wooden flooring was invented in the year 1960 and is often made from real wood. However, unlike its counterpart, it is made up of different wooden layers, each of which is glued together under high pressure to create one complete solid board.

Since there are multiple layers, engineered flooring is dimensionally more stable and can be installed above and below grade with utmost ease. This makes the wood flooring less susceptible to moisture and humidity.

Another reason why contractors love to use this flooring is the flexibility with which engineered wood can be placed on top of any other old wooden flooring. At the end of the day, by using this approach, one can save on demolition costs, cut down on the installation costs and even get rid of unwanted dust.

Engineered wood caters to your every need

There are different styles available in the market; depending on the style and the design, you can pick and choose which type of colour, style and make you want for your house. The most commonly used type is the engineered oak flooring, which can mimic solid wood designs on any given day. The simplicity, the style and the flexibility make it the ultimate option for home owners, as they use this flooring for decorating and achieving their dream interiors.

Here are some reasons on why you should invest in engineered wood flooring for your house:

·         Lower costs and better quality: Engineered wood is durable, flexible and works well with any kind of environment. It is not only cheaper than solid wood but also offers better quality to the customers. You can save on the installation costs, the hours invested in installation as well as the effort which usually goes in the installation.

·         Maintenance is the key: When you are looking for a good yet easy to maintain wooden flooring option, there is nothing better than engineered oak flooring. These flooring types are not only easy to maintain but are also easier to clean. You can mop them and all the debris will be gone. Such is the magical touch it provides to the users.

·         Refinishing engineered flooring: If you have had engineered floors for some time, you might have noticed that they have started looking dull. Through refinishing, you can give your floors a new lease on life, all through sanding and refinishing. This way, your floors not only get a new look but also become shinier and brighter than before. A win-win situation for you and your floors alike.

Engineered flooring goes a long way in providing you with a well-planned layout for your house. The more you plan, the higher the chances of being able to get the deal of your lifetime. Check out some of the local manufacturers for the best deals and see if you can get suitable options for your house. 

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