Engineered Oak Flooring – An Eco-Friendly Choice

Engineered wood flooring is entirely made of real wood. The wood which is used in flooring looks more authentic, durable and has a long lasting life. Engineered oak flooring consists of a top layer of solid oak and multiple layers of plywood which gives more stability and less likely to expand and contract. This engineered oak flooring gives the same look as solid oak flooring and it would be number one choice globally. The eco-friendly flooring helps to minimize the toxic chemicals in your home and improves the sustainability.

When we are using the eco-friendly material there are some queries which should be answered:

  • Is energy which is used in manufacturing and transporting the product causing any ecological damage? 
  • The waste or scrap materials are being reused?
  • Was the product manufactured for flooring  releasing any toxic chemicals into the air, water or in the atmosphere?

Wood: Wood acts as a very good insulator in the winter season where the floor doesn’t get very cold and in summer it doesn’t get heated up excessively and it helps to keep the house in pleasant condition. Wood is a sustainable natural resource and eco-friendly building material. 

Oak: Oak trees grow very tall in a cylindrical pattern and hardiest species of wood on the planet. The height is a key characteristic of oak. It can grow upto 100 feet tall and spread 150 feet across and which can be easily sliced and conveniently converted into flooring. The oak can live longer, at least 200 years and some exceeds even the 600 years mark. 

If you want to upgrade your floors with attractive and eco-friendly flooring, wood flooring is a very good option. The oak wood flooring has very less impact on the environment. When we think of hardwood flooring the first choice comes to our mind for our personal residence or any business is oak flooring.

Oak is popular flooring which is highly appreciated with its natural oak look and is also durable. The oak flooring gives elegance look for all rooms and especially kitchen where you stand for longer period of time. The oak flooring is most popular in wine cellars because of springy nature and there will be less chance of a breakdown of bottles.

As per the recent survey of environmental agencies  report that indoor pollutant is higher than outdoors. This is a shocking news for most of the homeowners, especially for those young people who live with their families. So all the homeowners show their concern for home and health. The oak flooring is maintenance free with only light sweeping needed. The oak flooring adds elegance and charm look to your homes and business houses. The oak is seen in distinctive colors like white, black and red.  

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