Engineered Oak Flooring-Benefits and Installation

Engineered Oak is a very ideal wood for making flooring. It has the characteristic properties that is best suited for flooring and is easily available as well. Engineered Oak is available in many sizes and thus can be used for small rooms as well as large halls or corridors and passage ways. Some of the major benefits of Oak wood are as follows.

·         Durability – oak wood has a very high durability and can be used for making floor tiles that has a very high footfall. They can sustain a heavy amount of weight and does not crack due to sudden fall of heavy objects. They also are ideal for various types of finishing such as smoked, brushed, oiled and lacquered. The wood can take it these treatments and maintain the beauty of the wood for a very long time.

·         Resiliency – Oak wood has a very high content of natural tannin that resists any kind of fungal infection developing in the wood. It also protects itself from pest infestation due to the same reason. As a result it has a very long lifetime and does not wither away very fast.

·         Light color – oak wood is usually a light colored wood and is the most ideal choice for wood flooring. Various kinds of finishing give it a different look altogether. The oiled and lacquered look gives them a shiny look but has different kinds of functionality. On the other hand, a smoked oak wood floor finishing gives a unique dark shade to the wood. It can be ideally coupled with black leather furniture which brings out the contrast and makes the room lively and classy.

·         Variations – oak wood can be given a brushed finishing and it beings out a classy and antique touch the wood flooring. On the other hand, smoked oak wood flooring produces a black, dark colored hue which also gives out a classy look to the flooring.

Oak wood is very easily available and thus does not have very hefty price tag. Therefore one does not have problem if they wish to replace a part of the flooring on a future date. The wood is available in a number of sizes and dimensions and can be used extensively for small rooms such as a bedroom or in large office auditoriums and dining spaces. Oak wood is an all weather wood and therefore the ideal wood flooring for all homes. 

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