Engineered Wood Flooring Vs Solid Wood Flooring

Wood has always remained the first choice for floor for those who believe in style and elegance. People always opt for wooden flooring to give their home decor a unique look.  Opting for a real wooden is not always affordable and so to cater the taste of the customers; the market has hundreds of wood like material to decorate the floor of your house. But, when you really want wooden flooring, you have two options that are available in the latest scenario:

      i.         Solid Hardwood Flooring: The solid hardwood flooring is for those who want only wood and nothing else as it comes in all exotic wood varieties. It is made out of one single piece with the thickness of ¾’’. It is a solid hardwood plank.

    ii.          Engineered Hardwood Flooring: This piece of flooring is made of two layers. The top layer is generally wood veneer and the next layer or the lower layer is made of multiple layers of plywood, solid wood or HDF. These several layers are bound together under immense pressure.


Differences between the Two

 There are numerous differences between the two popular wood flooring. With the following guidelines you can choose your one that is sure to give a dimension and character to your home or office decor.

·      Properties: If you are fascinated by natural products, Solid hard flooring is your cup of tea as it is completely natural whereas engineered hardwood is not so natural; only one layer is made of wood. The natural wood reacts to the season changes and humidity variations, whereas Engineered Oak Floor has the same dimensional stability all around the year. This is why in areas where there is a wide fluctuation of temperature and humidity, Solid hard flooring must be avoided.

·      Appearance:  You can hardly make out the difference between the two as both have the same look. One has the natural shine and the Engineered hardwood is given the same finish as the top layer is made of the real solid wood. One thing to keep in mind while selecting your flooring is that solid hardwood does not have microbevel on while the other has it on all four sides.

·      Eco-Friendliness:  The Solid hardwood IS definitely an eco-friendly option as it is 100% natural whereas the Engineered hardwood uses glues and other materials to bring together the different layers which may or may not be toxic. It depends upon the kind of the material used by the company.

·      Price: The Solid wood comes at a higher price than the Engineered one as it is completely natural and has less availability.

With the above facts in mind, you can install any of the two from Nexus flooring. We're just a call away!


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