Why Carpet Tile Flooring is so Popular?

Who does not like to have a carpet look for the floor of the room? Everyone wants to give classic look to their room. As it is difficult to maintain a carpet which attracts too much dust, it is preferred to have carpet tile flooring.

What is Carpet Tile Flooring?

Carpet tiles are carpet pieces that are crafted as squares and are used in place of regular carpet. They are also known as modular carpet.  This kind of flooring adds a style statement to your room, office or any other area. This has evolved as an alternative to the standard carpet rolls. You can easily install it on your own as it comes with adhesive as well as non-adhesive backed form. It is also made available in different thickness and different designs and colours to match your need.

Popularity of Carpet Tile Floor

When compared to the traditional rolled carpeting, this carpet tiles come in variety and style along with many other beneficial features. It is not only popular in commercial uses, but is getting popularity in residential spaces because of the easy maintenance. The reasons behind the popularity are numerous. Few of them are:

·      Easy Installation: The tiles can be easily installed as it comes with instructions. The tiles can be installed by you on your own, thus making it budget friendly and easy on your pocket. They are much simpler to install compared to Solid wood flooring or Engineered oak.

·      Used on any Floor: The carpet tiles can be used on any type of flooring like, wooden, cement or simple tiles. You do not need to take away your old flooring rather stick the carpet tiles on them. It saves time, money and effort and give a new look to your room without any kind of renovation hazards.

·      Easy to Maintain:  The carpet tiles can be removed individually for cleaning purpose and then can again be placed in its original place once dried.

·      Stain Resistance: Many carpet tiles come with the option of stain resistance, making it more effective in homes. Moreover, if you do not opt for stain resistant carpet tile, then also it is easy to take away the stain. You do not have to replace the entire carpet tiles like the roll carpet, but just remove the single tile and replace it on your own.

·      Durability: These carpet tile floors are very durable as it can easily withstand heavy wear and tear.

The carpet tiles provided by Nexus Flooring are definitely worth buying as they give you the best deal in the town. With the guidance you can have the best carpet tile floor with an even look at your residence.

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