Hardwood Floor Trends 2018

It’s the middle of 2018 and it is time to give your dream house a stint with designer solid wood flooring. If market trends are to be believed, hardwood floors have made it to the list of top choices within the remodeling fraternity. After trying all types of products that mimic hardwood flooring, only authentic hardwood flooring pleases the eye. The look and feel of original hardwood flooring is hard to match; for this very reason it has become one of the latest home trends for 2018.

Hardwood Floor Trends can be classified in the following manner:

Colors– Dark and cool tones like blonde, whitewash, honey, grey and espresso have paved their way into 2018. More and more customers prefer darker tones of browns, leaving behind the ongoing need for warmer tones like the reds. A blend of greys and browns are used to add coolness and depth to the floor colors.

Textures – As the color trend is marching towards deeper and dark tones, so is the texture. High variation is in, and floor textures are no exception to this feature either. Hand scraped, wire brushed, and distressed are some of the new textures to look out for.

Finishes– Satin finished wood floors, matte finished wood floors, oiled wood floors are preferred in this category.

Layouts & Patterns– Herringbone wood floors, wide plank wood floors, diagonal/angled wood floors mixed width wooden flooring are the hottest trends doing the rounds of the market these days.

Types– The housing trend has slowly moved from sleek, shiny and sneaked into the depths of warm, trending looks. The most sought after flooring types include reclaimed wood, cork, bamboo, and engineered wood amongst others.  The trends and demands indicate at engineered oak flooring sale is set to last for a decade, which will clearly mean that it is here to stay for some time now.


It is evident that the flooring industry is due for a huge change in the way houses are customized. Right from the flooring type to the colors to the finishes and the materials used, everything is going to change eventually. The whole idea of a comfortable house is rolling towards a completely unique and innovative path. This way, customers are able to choose from a variety of options, which help home decoration easier and better.

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