How oak flooring can make you feel more comfortable?

Oak flooring has become an all-time favourite amongst the European Union countries. White oak flooring and red oak flooring are some of the most common options which are doing the rounds of the market.

If you too are interested in installing solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring in your house, then you must check out the list of benefits an oak flooring provides to homeowners.

  1. Modern look and feel for your house: When you want your house to look modern and contemporary, oak flooring is the most common option for homeowners. While red oak flooring is a more desired flooring option, white oak is quickly catching up in the race to perfection. The rings in white oak wood grow close together, which awards it with a smooth and uniform look. Add linear mineral streaks to the list of designer benefits, and you will have a clear winner on your hands.
  2. Durability: White oak solid flooring and engineered oak flooring ranks high on the durability index. It has a decent hardness rating, which makes it a resilient option for people and homeowners. If your flooring gets wrought with scratches, it would still not be as evident, as compared to other smooth grain flooring varieties in the market. Refinishing the flooring is also an easy task, which allows it to shine as never before.
  3. Resistance to water: Oak flooring is a perfect choice for kitchens, because of its closed grain composition. This simply means that its pores are clogged with chemicals so that it does not absorb water and other liquids. Oak flooring is an ideal option for bathrooms and kitchens, where chances of liquid spillage are higher.
  4. Different colors and shades: Oak flooring is an ideal option when one is looking for stains and reactive treatments. The pores work as a great agent for absorbing stains, which give your floors a nice shade and hue. White oak has a subtle color of its own, which ideally goes well with gray and other shades. You can combine oak flooring with other darker stains and even for carbonizing.
  5. Cost-effective flooring option: Oak flooring is a reasonably priced flooring option, due to its well-maintained standards in Europe. Given its flexibility, it has rapidly become a preferred option for homeowners.

Solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring are good options for homeowners looking for stylish, cost-effective flooring materials.

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