Why Using Correct Cleaning Products on Your Wood floor is Important?

Hardwood flooring might be one of the best flooring options, given its list of advantages. However, one needs to be quite careful with solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring, especially when it comes to cleaning them daily. Simply put, there are a lot of ways you might be harming your hardwood flooring by using the wrong types of floor cleaners.

When people install hardwood flooring in kitchens, homeowners often feel that bleach might be the right option for cleaning their floors. However, bleach will only break the wooden floors finish, making it age way sooner than later.

Another common mistake people make during the cleaning process is using the wrong products on their flooring. For example, if you have installed lacquered flooring, but are using cleaning materials suitable for oil finished flooring, chances are your flooring is going to go for a toss.

While the lack of information can act as a dampener, it is important to check in with the right people for the type of wood cleaners to be used. Just because a floor cleaner says it is for hardwood flooring, will not automatically imply that it is suitable for all types of hardwood flooring.

So majorly, the need to remove dirt, grime, pet hair and other dust particles from your hardwood flooring is important. Additionally, using the right cleaning material is equally important to ensure you achieve the best results.

Here are a few simple tips which can help you choose the right cleaning material for your solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring, as well as other flooring options.

  1. Know your flooring type: You need to match your cleaning materials with the right type of flooring. Using the wrong products not meant for your floors will only end up destroying your floors in the long run.
  2. Ask your installer initially: During the installation process, you should ask the floor expert the right type of cleaners, which are suitable for your floors. As suggested, you should clean with the right cleaning agent, and as per the frequency mentioned by the installer.
  3. Use natural products: If you want to extend your floor’s life try and use natural floor cleaners like vinegar, apple cider amongst other things. This way, you will save your floor’s natural shine and thereby, avoid any unwanted damages to the floor’s surface.

Prevention is better than cure; for this very reason, it is better to be aware of your cleaning products, to avoid any untoward mishaps in the future.

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