How to best utilize your space with wood flooring?

There is a fine line between making your room compact and cramped. If you are choosing solid oak flooring or engineered oak flooring for a small room, you might end up making a few tough choices in the bargain. Since you have less space to work with, you might need to make some important compromises between functional and aesthetic concerns.

So how can you best utilise your limited space with wooden flooring?

Color plays an important role

The color of the wooden flooring can make or break your room; add criteria of limited space to the list and you might end up being extremely choosy. While choosing color combinations, you need to understand that cool colors recede while warm colors advance. The common misconception is that dark woods should not be used in a small room. Even though dark colors can make a room feel cramped, it does not need to be avoided altogether.

If dark colors are your calling, you can offset them with a series of light, cool tones. The contrasting hues will help add a subtle charm to the room’s ambiance, making the look and feel of the room balanced and a little more tolerable.

“Less is more” is the new age mantra

Cluttering up your small room can mess up things visually. There is a lot to consider while thinking about the placement of the furniture in your rooms. You need to keep less furniture, and the walls sparsely populated to avoid making the room feel claustrophobic. On the flooring front, you should choose a design with bigger planks. Fewer seams would mean lesser lines; go for parquet flooring, since it follows this pattern.

Work with illusions to create space

Designers often use the trick of creating illusions to add space into a small room. You can do so by placing planks parallel to the longest side of the room. On the other hand, you can even use running planks, parquet (chevron or herringbone) diagonally, to create the wonderful illusion of space.

Consult a professional

Consulting a professional for the right ways to enhance your space is the next best solution anyone can use these days. Designers are well equipped to handle such issues and they will often give you the best possible advice to spruce up your existing spaces well.

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